Welcome and Introduction

This is the blog of Fantasy Erotic Romance writer Lila Dubois.

Every Tuesday, beginning May 15th, a new Original Excerpt from the world of the Zinahs will be posted. These mini-stories will follow the Zinahs and introduce you to their world.

The first book in the series, Forbidden is the story of Tamlohn, the Prima Zinah is available in both e-book and print format.



  1. OMG!!! She says PEER PRESSURE …. I say it was under threat of a severe spanking that finally caused her to break down and blog! LOL!

    I’m so excited!


  2. doing the snoopy happy dance!!! well sorta…it’s 4:30am on a sunday morning and i’m up. that kinda sucks.
    hmmm – i smell coffee calling my name.

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