Moregon, pt. 3

Moregon, Part 3

Copyright (c) Lila Dubois 2007. This is unedited, and I am an infamously bad self editor, so read at your own risk.

Recap: It is the night before Moregon is to begin his service as the newest Zinah. He cannot sleep and so goes out into the garden, where Challia, a pretty young woman whom had plans to wed him, has stripped in the moonlight and is preparing to do many, very dirty, things to the virgin Moregon.


“Moregon, you must lie back if I am to suck your cock.”

He stared at her and his cock, wrapped in her hand, jerked at her words.

“Don’t you want me to take you in my mouth?”

“Aye.” Moregon lay back, looking up at the sky.

His emotions, normally so placid, had been in upheaval since he learned he was to be the fifth Zinah, and Challia’s words and actions were not helping. As disconcerting as he might find her, she embodied the normal life he would loose when he became a Zinah. Challia was home and heart, wife and mother. Moregon’s life would hold great responsibility and honor, but he would never marry or have children.

All his worries, indeed, all rational thought, fled under her hand and tongue on his cock.

“More,” he begged, not himself knowing what he wanted, unable to tell her what would please him beyond simply, more.

She understood what he did not, and wrapped his long cock securely in both hands, holding him upright and tight as she lapped at the head.

Her hair brushed his legs and belly as she leaned lower, encompassing just the head of his cock in her mouth. With her lips sealed around him she sucked, cheeks hallowing with the effort. Moregon arched his hips up, pleasure racing through him like liquid fire.

“Did you like that?”

“Yes, oh yes.”

“I’m glad.”

Challia gave him a teasing lick and then released his cock.

“Please, please don’t stop.” He didn’t mean to beg, didn’t want to, but at that moment he would give anything to feel her sucking on him again.

“I want you to touch me first.”

Challia, kneeling at his right hip, spread her legs, inviting him to touch. Moregon tilted his head on the stones, craning to look. He could see the pink of her sex just below the blond curls, and those few curls that graced her sex itself glistened in the moonlight.

Moregon curled his big hand around the inside of her thigh. He almost pulled away, for the soft pliancy of her skin was intimidating, but his desire to touch what she offered was to great.

He slid his hand up, rotating his wrist so that he cupped her whole sex, his big hand pressing flat up against her. Her body was warm and wet against his palm as his fingers settled into the crevice of her ass.

His fingers gently explored her, playing over the lips of her sex. When the petals parted Moregon jerked his hand away, terrified he’d broken her, but Challia pulled his hand back, holding herself open with two fingers to show him it was alright.

As she held the lips of her sex open Moregon rubbed his fingertips over her, finding a second set of lips and then finally the entrance to her body. He teased around the entrance, a primal urge to shove his fingers inside her, then throw her down and push his cock into her, thrumming through his veins.

But he could not marry her, and so would not take her virginity. He pulled his fingers away from the entrance to her body and continued rubbing them over her, spreading the soft cream that her body produced over every inch of her sex. One spot near the top seemed to be particularly pleasing to her.

Moregon kept his fingers at the top of her sex, three fingertips rubbing and pressing, when Challia suddenly threw her head back, panting and moaning.

“Yes oh yes, Please, right there, right there.”

Watching her body ripple and pant in pleasure, her upturned breasts highlighted by the silver moonlight, her nipples dark with pleasure, Moregon continued moving his fingers. He had no idea what he was doing, but she seemed to like it.

Challia shuddered, her mouth open, though no sound emerged, and jerked away from his hand. She sat back on her heels, one hand snaking between her legs to cup her pulsing sex.

He watched as she calmed. Moregon knew that he’d brought her to completion, but wondered what would happen now. His own cock had started to ache. Watching her had heightened his arousal and the need for release, for an end to the pressure, was paramount in his mind.

“Thank you, Moregon.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Now it’s your turn.” She smiled and reached for his cock.



  1. *wailing* You can’t stop there!!!!! That’s just cruel, now Moregon is suspended in a state of frustration ’till the next posting! Wicked, wicked woman!

    This is good. I liked the part where he thought he’d ‘broken’ her. LOL!

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