Moregon, Pt. 4

Moregon, Part 4

Copyright (c) Lila Dubois 2007. This is unedited, and I am an infamously bad self editor, so read at your own risk.

Recap: It is the night before Moregon is to begin his service as the newest Zinah. He cannot sleep and so goes out into the garden, where Challia, a pretty young woman whom had plans to wed him, has stripped in the moonlight and is preparing to do many, very dirty, things to the virgin Moregon.

“Now it’s your turn.” She smiled and reached for his cock.

Both hands came around him again, and then she took the straining head, flushed with his desire for her, into the warmth of her mouth. The softness of her lips and tongue was exquisite.

She held him in her lips and let her tongue play over his cock, pleasuring him.

Her hands pulsed around him, squeezing him rhythmically the way one would milk a cow’s teat.

She played with him, testing him, watching him from beneath veiling lashes, listening to his moans to gage his reaction.

Soon his hips began to lift up. Challia moved away as he lifted.

“No,” he pleaded, “I want to be deeper in your mouth.”

“Oh,” Challia removed one of her hands, keeping the other fisted at the base of his cock. She brushed her hand over the lower part of his belly, playing with his belly button, poking her fingers into the small indentation.

“Please, Challia.”

She settled her mouth around him once again. This time her head pushed down, her mouth enveloping his cock until her lips met her hand. Her mouth was hot and wet around him, her lips soft as she pulled away.

Her mouth released him, and once more Moregon raised his hips to the sky, seeking her touch. Challia squeezed him, using her hold on his cock to force his hips down.

“Challia, please.”

Rather then taking him back into her mouth she played with him. Holding his cock upright with one hand she stroked him with the other, rubbing his swollen skin over the hard flesh beneath. Her fingertips wiggled over the winking eye in the tip of his cock, spreading the pre-cum that began to leak from him.
Moregon’s fingers pressed against the stone beneth him, his hips pumping in small hard strokes, lifting him lower abdomen off the ground.

When she bent to take him in one more, her mouth seemingly hot as a furnace after the night air had cooled him, Moregon cried out piteously.

Her lips sang down to meet her hand, and she began to suck, drawing on him in hard pulls. He was so ready, so close.

He was slick with her spit and his own moisture, allowing her seal lips to slide up and down his hard length.

It took only a few bobs of her head for his to reach climax. His jaw clenched tight, back arching up. He seed spurted into her mouth, filling what little space w as not taken up by his cock. She held him, sucking, as his orgasm subsided.

Moregon opened his eyes, which he’d squeezed shut in his orgasm. Challia sat up, her lips curled in a smile, as satisfied as a cat.

Unbelievable grateful he pushed himself into a sitting position with arms that shook. He reached out to her, intending her pull her close, but Challia moved away.

“No, Moregon, you may not touch me, ever again. You could have had me, and I would have sucked you every day, but you lost all that when you chose become a Zinah.”

“It is not a choice Challia, you know that.”

“You did not protest. You should have told them that you were going to marry me, and couldn’t serve the Temple.”

“It is an honor to be chosen and to serve the Temple. There is no agreement of marriage between us, to say otherwise would have been a lie.”

“Fine. I hope you enjoy your servitude.” Challia, voice thick with anger and tears, pulled her nightgown back on. “But remember this, no woman has ever been able to temp one of the Zinahs to pleasure her, and I know why.”

She leaned in close, her voice now dripping with malicious enjoyment. “The Priestess cuts off the balls of the Zinahs, makes them eunuchs.”

She pushed to her feet. “I hope you enjoyed the feeling of cuming, Moregon, for it will be the last time you ever do so.”

Challia left Moregon sitting in the garden, hands protectively cupped over his privates.


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