Interruption in our regularly scheduled blogging…

…because I spent all of  Sunday torturing my friends, but not in the fun way, in the ‘help me move furniture way.’

I was too lazy and cheap to buy something at Ikea and assemble it myself, so I bought it used and pre-assembled, but pre-assembled it is HUGE. We broke one of the doors of this stupid 7ft desk corner unit armoire thing getting it out of one building and down to my car. Before the trip was over it had got from sophisticated wood to a banged up chabby chic look, not what I was going for.

Then, with it in the back of my SUV, there was no where for one of my 2 friends to sit, so she sat on the console between the drivers and passenger’s seats, her head out the sunroof. But there were cops EVERYWHERE, because so many streets were closed for the parade. At one point we could see the cops up ahead, and we were in stop and go traffic, so I made of friend bale out of the car, and we drove off without her. I avoided the ticket, but at what cost? I ABANDONED MY FRIEND ON THE STREET (Sunset near the strip.) (eventually we did go back for her.)

It’s in my room now, sitting there, sulking, just being the world’s largest piece of furniture. Before we put it in place we signed the back, commemorating our struggle. The girl I abandoned on the street even added an artistic smear of blood from the bloody hole in her hand put there by a stray nail.

It took 4 hours, a rented dolly, three people, and enough spacial engineering reckoning to have built a space station, but the damn thing is in the room.



  1. BUT on the upside you and your friends now have a special bond… a shared hardship… you have been in the trenches of furniture moving together and battled and won the war against big-ass furniture.


  2. HEY!
    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? What the hell is moderation anyway?

    *menacing look* You messin’ with my right to free speech Lila Dubois???

  3. LOL! *freaky stalker voice* Why… because I AM next door to you… look out your window… do you see me? Mwahahahahaaha.

    New IP?? What? Hmmmmm…. I had to wipe the computer and reinstall… maybe that’s it. Or maybe I used my other e-mail address. Whatever.

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