Red Ribbon, pt 6

Red Ribbon, part 6

This is one of the first things I wrote, and my lack of skill is apparent. From the over-done storyline to the awkward an amateurish writing this is so bad it’s entertaining.

Copyright (c) Lila Dubois 2007. This is unedited, and I am an infamously bad self-editor, so read at your own risk.


“So what about you?”

Liz looked up with a start, “Me?”

“Yea, how did you get invited?”

“Oh, I took the BDSM 101 class. I got tired of only having my fantasies and it seemed like the safest way to get into it in real life.”

“You probably just felt safe taking a class, you always were a school nerd.”

Liz threw a napkin at him that he caught with hands well accustomed to accepting a thrown item.

“Ok maybe you’re right, I know how to take classes, and it is something I was good at.”

“So I guess you didn’t find what you were looking for eh?”

Liz moan in exaggerated despair, “Not even close, that’s why I left early, but what about you? When I first saw you standing there I thought you were waiting for someone.”

“Naw, it was just such I nice night I decided to drink it in before I had to go home to my lonely ass bed.”
Liz laughed at his dejected tone. “So you didn’t find any subs?”

“Naw, I met a bunch of girls who were nice and quiet and submissive. They probably would have done exactly what I told them every moment of the day.”

“And that was a problem why…?”

He shifted on the bench, uncrossing his legs and then re-crossing them with the opposite leg on top. “I don’t want a girl who can’t think for herself. I want someone with more strength…” he ran a hand through his hair, looking frustrated. “Sometimes I don’t know if what I want is really a submissive girl, because the girls who were there tonight…” He trailed off and shrugged as if he were unable to find the words he wanted.

Liz felt her heart leapt into a fast tempo, she had felt totally different from the girls who were there. She wanted –no- craved the domination of a strong man but she wouldn’t, couldn’t, simply drop to her knees, she needed a man strong enough to take her.

He could not be more perfect.

The Dominant of her dreams was sitting on the other side of the table from her, and he seemed completely unaware of her as anything other than an old friend. At a loss for what to say Liz let his last comment stand, having no response to give him. She wanted to jump across the table and say, “Look! What about me!”

It was fear that stopped her. He knew the girl she had been, and probably knew of the ball busting venture capitalist she had become since college. Maybe if they didn’t have a past, if he had no idea who she was…

“I wonder if you and I might not have the same problem Lizzy. I glanced in the male subs room for a minute and they all looked like a bunch of pansies. I bet you would chew them up and spit them out in a heartbeat.”

Liz stared at him in astonishment. What had he just said? Did he think…?

“You looked in the male-subs room and…?”

“Well I didn’t see you. Then again I wasn’t really looking very hard at anyone in there.”

“You didn’t see me in the room for female Dominants and male submissives?”

“Er… no.”

Liz took a deep breath and reached one hand into her pocket, curling her fingers into a fist.

“Well Mark there was a reason you didn’t see me there.”

Liz laid her closed fist on the table top with the back of her hand resting on the cool formica. Mark looked first to her hand then to her face, his eyebrows drawn together in a frown. With her eyes locked on his Liz slowly uncurled her fingers.


  1. *wailing* Dont’ stop there!!!!! I need more… just a couple more sentences even! Just his reaction… ANYTHING! *sobbing* Please, Lila, Pleaaaasssseeee!

  2. YAY!! and awwwwwwww o.k. i am excited to see a new installment of this story and then bummed cause they always seem short, i know you can’t give us the whole thing now…but i hold my breath each time as i read and then…awwww ya leave me hanging *big grin* and i know you LOVE that!!!
    FUN, FUN Lila.
    hope you are having a good week,

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