Monday Poetry Train – Sex Excerpt

Lisa Andel started this, and I’m all about it!

Here’s a Sex Excerpt from the soon to be released Savage

And if you are wondering where Moregon’s story is… It is on hold while Savage is in edits, because some things I was going to have in the blog story may end up in Savage. The story will resume once I know for sure.

She undulated in his hold, her snarls turning to low growls and mews.

Anleeh released her, holding his hands away from his body so all would know that what she did was of her own will, the will of her beast. Siara turned and dropped to her knees. Her fingers curled into the waistband over his hips. Siara set her lips to the soft flesh below his belly button, her breath hot against his flesh. Her tongue traced a single long path up his flat hard stomach, venturing as far north as it could. Anleeh leaned his head back, curling hands in her dark tresses, knowing what an exotic pair they made, how dark and arousing her hair would appear against the pale flesh of his belly.

She nipped at his belly button and then fucked the indent wit her tougue. Her hands began to rub his cock through his leggings and Anleeh loosened his control enough to let a snarl slip out. Her fingers picked apart the lacings and opened the placard, freeing his cock, which was immediately cupped by warm, greedy hands.

With more skill than that first night Siara took him into her mouth, sucking him down. Anleeh dimly heard the sounds of envy that echoed from the men as her dark head bobbed up and down the hard length of his shaft.

Wrapping a fist more securely in her hair Anleeh coaxed her head away, and she released his cock with a loud pop. Her fingers slowly inched up his chest as she started to rise, her lips pressing fervent open-mouthed kisses to his chest, stopping to suck each of his nipples, then licking the line of this throat before pressing her lips against he underside of his jaw.

Her behavior was coaxing, her beast acknowledging his dominance, and persuading him to have her, fuck her, pleasure her.

Siara rested her parted lips on his cheek and breathed, letting him taste her wild submission.

With a roar Anleeh grabbed her, one arm around her thighs the other around her back, lifting her and then bearing her down onto the furs. Siara snarled in triumph, making a mockery of her submission, as Anleeh forced her legs wide.

He caged her, hands beside her head, looming over her, making sure she could see and feel the breadth of his body above hers. She could not get away, and he would do with her as he pleased. Her eyelids lowered and raised, as she lifted her hips. Anleeh reached down pressing his hand to her belly, holding her still to receive his cock. When he thrust into her, her body tight, the angle ensuring that she felt every inch, Siara screamed, her hands coming up, nails raking over his arms.

Anleeh pressed his face down, feeling her breasts jiggle against his chest as his thrusts rocked her body. Again and again he thrust into her, burring himself deep and then retreating only to fill the void once more.

She was close, he could feel it, knew from the way her beast purred to his.

As her orgasm peaked she lifted herself, sinking her teeth into his shoulder, marking him, claiming him, even as he fucked her. Now each thrust raked her teeth against his shoulder, and the small animal pain sent him over the edge. Wrapping a hand over her neck Anleeh forced her head down and to the side, biting the soft skin where shoulder met neck. She screamed, the sound both animal and human, and his beast roared with pleasure. Anleeh no longer knew if the sound was only in his mind or if his beast’s roar of pleasure echoed through the hall.

He thrust a final time, and for the first time spilled his seed deep into her body, collapsing against her as the Hall watched in envious silence



  1. Susan- Thanks for stopping by!

    I’m glad you enjoyed, though sad that I’ve made your bike ride less than pleasant. Think cool thoughts… like, hot guys under a waterfall. Wait, that’s not it.

    What about… being somewhere really cold, all bundled up, and then he comes home and you strip him out of the snow clothes piece by piece…

    Okay, I’m clearly not helping 😉

  2. Hi Ann! Thanks for stopping by, I’m hoping that it will be out in August, it’s still in edits (this part hasn’t been through edits yet)

  3. The bike ride was soured more by my lack of experience than the (brand new, actually!) bike shorts. Soured isn’t even the right word for it, but I can’t pinpoint the proper word quite yet.

    Bring on more of the fun stuff! 😀

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