Thursday Thirteen -Favorite Things

Here are thirteen of my favorite things:

1. My Roomies- They are my longtime best friends and crazy fun. Don’t believe me? Here’s what they do in their spare time: Evil-Ex  

2. My Family- They have been both supportive and snarky about my writing. What more can you ask for?

3. My apartment- The building is dumpy and crappy and our air conditioner is broken right now, but I love it. I have a view of the Hollywood sign from my bedroom, and my own bathroom. What more could a girl need?

4. Metro Pass- You can get everywhere you need in LA on the bus and subway systems, and this little baby means I never have to waste time buying a ticket.

5. Reading- For me, the perfect day would be a whole day lounging while reading good books (and eating cookies).

6. Writing- Cathartic like you wouldn’t believe.

7. Work- As much as I may hate my job and the insanely long hours I work, I like having a reason to get up in the mornings, and I like my paycheck.

8. Purses- I have two shelves of them. I love purses, they are so fun!

9. Indie British Rock- The new Editors CD will be out soon! *fan gurl squee*

10. Art- I keep a stack of postcards of my favorite pieces of art, and use them to help change my mood as needed. I can do it with music too.

11. The Ocean- There is nothing as awesome as swimming in the ocean.

12. The Truth- I hate being lied to, whether it’s the mistranslation of the bible or telling me I don’t look fat in those pants, I always want to know the truth.

13. This blog- I’m learning to love it, bit by bit.


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