Quarter Life Crisis

Happy Birthday Me.

Time for a Breakdown.

Okay let’s review life:

Financially Independent: Check

Stable Relationship: Nope, but don’t need one to make myself happy, it would just be nice to have one. Will work on that.

Moving towards Ultimate Goal In Life: Check, going back to gradschool in the fall, awesome.

Writing Goals:

Book Published: Check

Second Book Out by Birthday: Nope. Crap. Where the hell is Kate with the edits? Oh wait, she’s having her birthday life crisis too. Stupid birthdays.

Future Books Planned: Check

Thank you for visiting with me on this small life crisis day. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming soon.

On a side note:

Book people rule. Samhain just sent me a birthday card, hand signed and addressed and everything! Do you know how many authors they have?! MILLIONS. (Who all have way more out than my measly short story.) But they still took the time to send me a birthday card. I feel loved. ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Haaaappy Birthday toooooo you…
    haaaappy birthday to yooooouuuu…
    haaaappy biiiirthday deeeaaaar Liiiillllaaaa…
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Hey, what do you mean no stable relationship? *sob* Don’t I mean anything to you? All those days *lowering voice* and nights together and you’re denying our love?

  2. Happy Birthday, Lila! That’s not such a bad check list you’ve got going there, girl! No life crisis! You’re doing better than most people accomplish their whole lifetime! …oh who am I kidding …. it sucks to get old … pass me a cookie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hey Lila, I hope you had a great birthday yesterday. From the goals you had listed, I saw more ‘checks’ than not. So yay for you!

  4. Not quite a quarter life crisis, my dear Lila. You are only 24, Wear a new outfit and you’ll feel better about things.

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