Thursday Thirteen: Activisty Things

Here’s 13 Activisty things I bet you didn’t know about me:

1) I don’t drive, by choice, to help the environment.

2) I don’t use tissues, only hankies, because it takes 90 years to grow the rainforest trees in a box of Kleenex brand tissues.

3) I’m a card-carrying GreenPeace member, and dream of going on a GreenPeace mission.

4) I’m active in the Feminist Majority and the Young Feminists Action Network.

5) I’m marched for immigration reform a few weeks ago.

6) I only shop at independent markets for food to support smaller growers and independent business.

7) I’m on a Homeland security watchlist (long story) and because of that they wouldn’t let me join the Peace Corps (bastards.)

8) I’m an active member in’s fight to eliminate extreme poverty. Please email me if you would like a white bracelet showing you support the cause.

9) I have 2 ‘adopted’ kids in Latin America that I support.

10) I’m a continual mentor for Children Uniting Nations.

11) I applied to be a foster parent, just because I wanted to help, but was denied. (I was massively unqualified, so it was probably a good thing.)

12) I’ve trained myself to give out business cards with the address of the closest shelter instead of money to street people.

13) I work in an office that wastes paper like mad and it kills me a little bit every day. I print on the back of things, but it’s still not enough.



  1. I knew some of these things, but the rest, added to what I already know about you, makes you one of the most generous people I’ve ever known.

    More power to you Lila.

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