That’s right, I’m throwing my hat in the ring for Rhi’s poetry Monday.  It’s probably a good idea to at least give it a try, since I will have to take poetry classes in my Masters program. Sadly the last time I wrote poetry was around 4th grade, so I’m going to start small, with a drippy, sappy, uninspired haiku.

Kiss, look, touch and taste

Meaning what I have hoped for?

Uncertain loving.

Edited to add: And Lisa to the rescue with a linky thing for me!


  1. Lila-doll! This was a great piece of Haiku. I have a hellish time trying to write anything comprehensive or emotive in three tiny lines. Bravo darling!!

  2. Lila, this is lovely! You may think it drippy and sappy (and uninspired), but I think it’s really a complete story here. Nicely done!

    I’d be afraid of facing poetry in grad school, too. I even took a poetry workshop one summer — but survived. Some of the poems I use in the train are from that summer.

  3. I agree with Susan – your haiku took me to a moment which told a story. Glad you posted.
    “Meaning what I have hoped for?”
    I like how you’ve placed this key line in the center of the poem.

  4. Thank you all ladies! I’ve already been intimidated by Rhi’s poem so I may wait a moment (and fortify myself with diet coke) before heading off to read other people’s inspired poety.

    …next monday I’m going back to Monday Poetry/Sex Excerpts

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