TT- Irritating me this week…

People/Things that have been Irritating this Week 

Romanceland is causing my teeth to grind right now. Seriously girls, grow up, get it together, and let’s be productive and proactive. 


Quit whining. Rant and rave a bit, get it out of your system. Then, SHUT UP and do something to FIX the problem. If all you do is rant and rave, you are a bigger problem than the original issue. 

Complaining instead of Brainstorming

If someone asks you to brainstorm suggestions for improvement, do not continued the same tired litany of complaints. If you can’t think of anything better, did it ever occur to you that there is no easy repair? 


If you really don’t have any idea what goes into something, don’t say “They should be able to…” Really, they should? How exactly is that going to work? 

Pushing a Personal Agenda

Again, when I ask for brainstorming on a specific topic, don’t push for what you want for yourself, or something that would only work for your specific situation.  


Inspired by above. Seriously people. I know we all need to do our own promoting and such, but would it really hurt you to put an hour’s thought towards something without tying to make it a way for you to get ahead? 

Snotty Publishers

I’m sorry, but if I say “Hey, we’re brainstorming about e-book promotion, what’re your thoughts,” DO NOT tell me “Oh, well we’re doing our own thing, don’t need or want to be a part of anything else.” Lovely. I’m tying to brainstorm on something that eclipses individual publisher promotion, and you blow me off. How would this have hurt you? It wouldn’t have, but you’re response sure disappointed me. I could not be more unenthusiastic about you as a pub right now.   

Okay I ran out of things that make me angry (at least on this topic,) so I’m going to stop. Thursday 7… close enough.

Hmm, I suddenly see why people are addicted to ranting on their blogs, very cathartic.

Alright, whoo, got that out of my system, now back to research, making plans, and prepping a proposal. Go Team!



  1. hmmmm i wonder if i could think of 13 things that piss me off? i think my problem might be finding too many and realizing i am too negative *hehe*

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