Poetry’s too hard. Can we do sex instead?

Taking a cue from Lisa, I’ve given up on poetry for today, and am doing sex instead.


Climbing out of the small pool, which had been pleasantly warm, Hawk shook himself, bending forward and scrubbing his hands through his hair to help remove the water. It had been a hot, miserable ride today. It hadn’t helped that this was the 10th day of his journey and that his body had been sticky with many days sweat. He was clean now, and this pleasant forest seemed worth some exploration.

It was a very pleasant surprise to see a peasant maid seated on the branch in place of his clothes. They stared at one another for a moment, her eyes leisurely taking in his naked body, lingering in the interesting places, biting her lip in a way that told him she knew exactly what to do with everything I saw.

“Hello, fair maid. Tell me, have you seen my garments?”

“Well sir, I’m afraid they have been carried off.”

“Really? By whom?”

“Some woodland creatures I fear, fierce beasties.”

“Would this woodland creature have hair of gold and truly delectable breasts?”

The girl glanced down at her own breasts, lifted by the tight lacing of her dress. “Why yes sir, how did you know?”
Hawk moved forward, his cock swelling with each step.

“Perhaps if I reward this ‘fierce beast’ she might return my clothing.”

“It would have to be a very pleasant reward.” Hawk reached the girl, sliding his hands around her waist.

“Hopefully she can see that a reward of mine is a very large reward indeed.”

She laughed and it was so merry that the air around her seemed to sparkle. Hawk was enchanted.

“It is, indeed, a very fine reward, but it is the implementation of the reward that counts.”

Hawk grasped the girl’s ankle and slowly ran his hand up to her knee, dragging her skirts with it. The other hand grasped her other knee, forcing it wide so he could step between her legs.

The hand beneath her skirts continued its journey, rising ever higher, slipping to the inside of her thigh. The girl’s hands slid along the swelled muscles of his shoulders, fingertips pressing in, testing his strength. One hand traveled down the planes of his chest to flick a flat male nipple.

Hawk jerked at the touch, so she did it again. Turning the flick into a pinch.

“A pinch will earn you the same, My Lady.”

“I certainly hope so.”

Long fingered delicate hands slid around his neck and the girl pulled him in for a kiss. Her mouth opened against his, her tongue the first to explore outside its home confines. She tasted of blackberries and sunlight and woman. As the kiss grew and deepened he draped her skirt back over her thighs, and then went to work on the lacing of her dress.

When the laces gave way he pulled his mouth from hers, jerked the bodice down, and feasted on her breasts, taking first one and then the other nipple into his mouth. Her hands fisted in his hair and Hawk returned the pinch, gently clasping her nipple with his teeth.

One hand supporting the small of her back he slid the other between her legs, nearly weeping with joy to find her so wet and ready. He slid in one finger, and she was tight, gloriously so. Her hips rocked as he fucked her with first one and then two fingers.

The branch she sat on was too high for him to fuck her while she sat upon it, so he freed her breasts, whispering “hold on” as he slid the hand at her back beneath her skirt to grasp her hip.

When her arms were securely laced around his neck and her legs hooked together at his back, he lifted her, arms flexing as he slid her down onto his cock. He let her own body weight force her down, and she wiggled her hips, situating herself more firmly.

Once she was settled he pressed her back against the tree, the branch matching the curvature of her lower back. She unlaced her hands and braced them on the branch behind her.

Hawk slid his hands to her thighs, lifting and separating them, allowing his cock a half inch further inside her warm body.
He wanted to say something, but he could not think, so instead he pulled back then thrust forward. She cried out in pleasure, her head falling back, her hair spilling over her breasts and onto the branch beneath her. Her breasts, delicious bared and plumped by the half on bodice, jiggled with each thrust.

With her body braced as it was she could not thrust back against him, but her moans and cries told him what she wanted and needed.

It was going to be quick, the very suddenness of the encounter serving to drain his stamina. Hawk lifted her left leg, laying it along his chest, ankle near his ear. The change freed up his hand to slip between her legs and stroke her clit.
He timed the stroking of his clit to the thrusts, rubbing hard on the bud as he pulled out and pressing firmly as he stroked in.

Her cries of pleasure rose in volume and frequency, her cheeks and lips flushing a dark rose.

He felt her orgasm in the tightening of her belly, a moment before she screamed her pleasure to the sky. Hawk gathered himself, his thrusts increasing in tempo, his own climax only a stroke away. Just before he came she moved, dropping her hips as he pulled out, so that his cock slid along her belly beneath her skirts, his seed spilling there.

Gasping, Hawk leaned into her, pinning them both upright to the tree.

Her arms came forward, sliding around his neck, her breath panting in his ear.

Hawk considered himself a skilled lover, and had done his share of truly interesting sexual things, but this lightning fast woodland encounter had shaken him in a way nothing else had.

Kissing her shoulder he whispered, “What’s your name?”


Hope you enjoyed!!!

If you can correctly guess who this story is about, and leave it in the comments, it will put your name in for a drawing! What’s the prize? A copy of my upcoming August release, Sealed with a Kiss.



  1. Very nice Lila, but I’m glad I didn’t have a drink in my mouth because it would have ended up over my keyboard when he storked her clit 🙂

    hehe, typos, Gotta love the funny ones!

  2. Woohoo wench! I know what this story is about! (I think it’s a reminder to get off my dead ass and get my short completed for the book) 😀

    I still love Hawk!

  3. Who this story is about…. hmmmmm. Can it be about me? I’d love a chance encounter with Hawk.

    However, the tone and the woodland encounter made me think of Sleeping Beauty. Only, instead of meeting in the forest while singing and dancing they’re screwing. *shrug* But the whole ’10th day of the journey’ thing is throwing me off so I dunno.

  4. Ding Ding Ding.

    This is infact, my version of Sleeping Beauty!

    Yay Ange. You win a copy of Sealed with a Kiss, which is a shitty prize for you, as you beta read the dang thing…

  5. LOL!
    That’s alright the joy of being right is enough for me.

    Yay! I’m right, I’m right, I’m right…. *doing pathetic victory dance*

    So, uh, what’s the whole 10th day journey thing about? ’cause you know stupid shit like that will leave me curious. I don’t think the prince was on a long journey in the original fairytale…. was he? Hmmmm…. now I can’t remember.

  6. Uhhh… by ‘stupid shit’ I mean the ‘little details’ not that the 10 day journey was stupid. LOL! I just reread what I wrote and realized that it looked wrong.

  7. hahaha
    ange is tripping over her words…isn’t that my job?
    I love it Lila. I am finally catching up on your blog. I hated going a week without getting to read my favorite blogs *pout*

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