TT- Kinks I want to write about

Here it is, the official list of kinky things I want to include in future books!

1. Ice

As Kate is evil (but sick right now, I’m sorry I broke you my kate!) and cut my sex-with-ice scene in Savage (stay tuned I will post it closer to the release day) I want to give it another go.

2. Kitchen Play

There are a seriously interesting number of things to do in a kitchen during sex. And all you freaks who are thinking of knifes need to take a step back. I’m talking about wooden spoons, fruits and veggies, spices… Oh yes. All good.

3. Sex on Cars

Not in cars, but on them. A really shiny nice paint job… oh yes, that is hot.

4. Sex with an ipod vibrator

I’m in love with mine, so awesome.

5. Silk Scarf bondage

They’re something unexpectedly romantic about silk scarf bondage. Actually, I did write about this one, but we’ll have to wait and see if it was actually good.

6. Prisoner Play

Time off for good behavior anyone?

7. Hostage psycho drama

I’ve always wanted to read (notice this one I don’t think I can write) a story about hostage kidnapper romance, where you aren’t even sure if it’s love or Stockholm Syndrome until the end. Creepy, yet sexy.

8. Silence

Absolute silence during sex, not the awkward, I’m too uncomfortable to say anything silence, but silence as a sort of bondage. You really want to say something, but can’t.

9. Film

Not some shitty home video, but a well shot, artistic, sex video, maybe a solo video

10. Display

One partner serving as a display, either home art or serving dishes.

11. Courtly love

Okay so there would be no real sex, but the whole love for afar and fight for you and die thing is really hot.

12. Unknown partner

A partner you cannot see, whom you don’t know, but whose touch brings you incredible pleasure. Oh yea, that’s good.

13. Foot fetish

I deeply love my shoes, and don’t see why boys shouldn’t also love them… while they’re on my feet



  1. Lila-doll – please tell me i can have a shoe fixation without having a foot fetish because i don’ like NO ONE to touch the feet. uh-uh. Feetsies off limits. But i lurv my shoes. And Silence…. uh so not doable for me. nope. not a chance.

    This was a great list!

  2. Ann and Rhi- thanks for visiting.

    I really think #7 would be one of those stories you were uncomfortable admitting you liked, which would be very cool.

    Rhi- what’s with you and the feetsies?

    I sent you a package today!

  3. Anne-

    why would you do that to me? Now I’ll I’m going to do is sit around brainstorming people fucked up enough to have all those things.

    I think secretly YOU want to write a story will all of them. Right? RIGHT?

  4. oooh I like Anne’s idea! double dog dare ya! I can’t remember what book i read that was kinda like #7 – pretty sure it was an EC one and was rated X-treme.
    And it was. Extreme. Even for me.

  5. whoops – THANK YOU Lila-doll! And umm – yeah, your presents are still sitting here. haven’t made it to the freakin post office. I should just hand them off to my staff and say “handle this.”

  6. I have to agree with Rhian about the feet thing. I can’t stand ANYONE touching my feet!!! I can’t give you a reason as to why other then… IT FREAKS ME OUT.

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