Help! I broke my editor.

Apparently, my grammar is worse than I thought, as my editor is in the hospital.

That’s right, editing my books is bad for your health. No seriously. My Kate is broken and in the hospital. Beyond the fact that Savage appears to be cursed, and will be publish, oh, I dunno, never- it broke my Kate. If this editor stays broken, I don’t think Liquid Silver will give me another one. Someone should warn Sasha over at Samhain, though my short story with them came through edits okay. Maybe you’re only in danger if you have to edit my stuff over 50k words.

Now that I’ve told you the pitiful story of this broken editor, I’m begging for your help. Below is the unofficial, unedited, blurb for Savage.

What do you think? Would you buy this book cased on the blurb? What do you love, what do you hate, what sacrosanct grammar rule am I braking now.

Save an Editor, help me with my blurb.

They call it ‘beast,’ the warrior spirit which lives in the people of Den. During his years of slavery to the Princess, Anleeh learn to control his beast, but when royal orders send Anleeh back to his homeland, to face a life he tried to forget, he fears loosing everything he has become. His fear is not only for himself, but for the woman accompanying him.

Siara grew up in the Temple, becoming Head Mistress of the Temple College at an early age. Her life of study and teaching leave her longing for adventure, just as she has always longed for Anleeh. When the opportunity arises for her to travel with Anleeh as part of the ambassador party, Siara takes it.
If they are to survive Anleeh must train Siara to become like the women of Den, wild, free, and submissive. Siara never expected that their mission would require her to give herself, body and mind to Anleeh. As he teachers her passion, submission, and strength, Siara’s greatest fear is that she won’t be able to protect her heart.

When Anleeh’s greatest fears come true, and he falls to the battle madness, will their love be enough to save him?



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    I’m calling you first thing in the morning as punishment.

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