Blog Rules meme

Rhi tagged me, so here goes.

Blogging Tips
It’s very simple – honest. Even you can figure this out. When this is passed on to you, copy the WHOLE thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Visit the * starred ones or ELSE.)
Add the next number (1. 2. 3. 4. 5., etc.) and write your own blogging wisedom for other bloggers. Try to make your tip general. And don’t mess with these rules. After that, tag 10 other people. Link love some friends!
Just think- if 10 people start this, the 10 people pass it onto another 10 people, you have 100 links already!

Oh come on, is this a pyramid scheme or what?

1. Look, read, and learn. *****
Lie. Blogs are to keep me entertained and allow me to goof off at the day job.
2. Be, EXCELLENT to each other. **
3. Don’t let money change ya! *
Is this supposed to be general life advice?
4. Always reply to your comments. *******
I need to be better about this.
5. Link liberally — it keeps you and your friends afloat in the Sea of Technorati. ****
6. Don’t give up – persistance is fertile. **
7. Give link credit where credit is due. ****
8. Pictures say a thousand words and can usually add to any post.****
Pics are fun!
9. Be Brave, some of the best posts are when you step out of your comfort zone.***
Brave blogs rock!
10. Follow the links in posts and comments. You never know what blog gems you will find!* -**
11. If you’re visiting a new blog for the first time, comment. You never know what kind of blogger buddy you might make because of it.**
12. Create a good blogroll and keep it updated. It’ll create interest in your blog as well as other interesting sites.*
13. Adding your own evil touches to memes and sending them back out into the world is a heck of alot of fun. Words to live by. *
I’ll give Rhi a star just because I love her.

my contribution:

14. Don’t bring drama home. If something you say or do causes drama- fine. But don’t post about other random drama. Go there to comment on it.

Now I’m supposed to tag 10 people, but I don’t know ten people. So here are the people I know who haven’t already done this:







  1. rolling on the ground laughing my ass off! And wahoo – i got a star! ummm – Liladoll – you need to add you weblink so the peeps you tagged will keep you in the pyramid. heh.

  2. oh. I see that now.

    If we get arrested for participating in an illegal pyramid scheme and are both in jail, who’s going to bust us out? It’ll have to be Lisa

  3. uh…I will try to do mine…but the only other bloggers i know are the ones you know(and i only know them because of you), so…. i don’t know if i can “tag” anyone. how cyber-sad is that?!

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