Sex v. Poetry

Here’s the next part of the story I posted last Monday. This answers the questions of who the story is about.

“What’s your name?”

Still panting from the liquid lightening orgasm she’d just had Aurora almost gave her true name. Swallowing back the deadly admission she gave the name Millie used.

“Briar Rose.”

“That is an odd name.”

“What is your name?”

Aurora leaned back far enough to look at him and lifted a brow. “You call my name odd?”

“Very well then, we are named for plants and beasts, neither one of us human.”

Aurora flexed her hips, his softened cock, which had slid down between her thighs to nestle against her well used sex, rubbing against her. “What we just did feels all too human to me.”

“Or perhaps it is animalistic in its ferocity.”

“I did warn you of the ferocity of the woodland creatures.”

“You did.” Hawk leaned back, his hands on her hips to steady her, as he lifted her away from the trunk and then set her down on unsteady legs.

“So, Briar Rose, what are you doing out here in the middle of the day, stealing the clothes of strange men and letting them have their wicked way with you?”

“You are mistaken, Sir. It is I who had my wicked way with you.”

“Pardon me.”

“And my reasons for being here are my own.”

Something in her voice must have alerted him, for he spoke softly. “I mean no criticism.”

Aurora stepped away, headed for the stream. “Very well.”

Kneeling by the stream she cupped some water and gently washed her belly, though it felt that most of his seed had seeped into her dress.

“Will you returned my clothes now?”

She looked over her shoulder, frowning at his soft cock. “Can you not go again?”

“Peace lady, I need some time.”

“You look young, you should be able to go again soon.”

“You know much about this?”

“Apparently more than you.” That startled a laugh from him, and the pleasant low masculine sound skittered up her back.

“Well, Briar Rose, might I redeem myself in your eyes?”

“As soon as your ‘reward’ rises once more.”

“There are other things I might do to help… pass the time.”

Hawk assisted her to rise and then finished loosening her laces, slipping the dress up and off.

Aurora stood, unashamedly naked, the sunlight hallowing her hair and highlighting the pink of her lips and nipples.

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are, Briar Rose?”

“Beauty is a trick, a spell.”

“Then I am enchanted.”

Dropping to one knee Hawk spread out her dress and then held out his arms to her. When she stepped into them he grabbed her waist, assisting her down.

Aurora ran her hands under her hair, spreading it on the grass above her head, not wanting it trapped under her body.
Hawk lay in his side, propped on one elbow. “What good deed did I do that I would find such a beautiful creature in the woods?”

She did not answer; for his hand began to skim over her, fingertips brushing, palm smoothing, over every bit of skin. He touched her collarbones and pressed a finger into her belly button. Her traced the indents of her waist with the back of his fingers and pinched the base of her breast, plumping it so that his tongue could lap at the pink tip.

Aurora’s legs began to move restlessly, her thighs sliding together, creating friction along the lips of her sex.

His hands moved to her restless legs, stroking her, calming her as he might a skittish horse, his strokes easing her legs apart, until they lay open, her swollen sex, once more moist with arousal, open to the air and sun.

Slowly, teasingly, he stroked the very edges of the outer lips, running his fingers through the blond curls. When she began to make small needy noises he leaned down to kiss her, drinking in the little sounds.

His fingers continued their too gentle assault on her sex and soon she was lifting her hips against his hand, begging for a deeper touch. With a long smooth stroke he slid two fingers inside her.

Aurora brought her hips up, inviting him deeper. Hawk curled his fingers inside her and rubbed her clit with his thumb, all while continuing to nibble at her breasts.

This orgasm came on easily, building quickly and cresting so that her toes curled, her breasts thrust up into his mouth, sex pressed up into his hand.

When her body relaxed down Hawk wiggled his fingers within her, thrusting languidly, extending the pleasant post-orgasm flutters.

“Did you enjoy that Rose?”

Aurora opened one eye and smiled sleepily, “Very much so.”

“I am glad, but I hope you didn’t think that we were done.” He rolled between her thighs and then slid down her body, his lightly furred chest scrapping against her breasts and belly.

“What are you—”

Hawk settled himself between her legs, his hands on her inner thighs, keeping them spread. His thumbs stretched, hooking the lips of her sex and spreading them.

He bit her clit. The small stab of pain in her already orgasm-sensitive vagina was too much, her body was forced into another deep, muscle trembling orgasm. Aurora’s back arched as she screamed, the sensations so strong that light danced behind her closed eyes.

With her clit trapped by his teeth Hawk began to lick. As her slender fingers knotted in his hair, he forced her body to dance on the knife’s edge, giving her a rich depth of pleasure that her previous lovers never had.

When his lips and teeth left her she let out a sob, one of both relief and disappointment, but then his body slid along hers once more, and his cock glided smoothly into her orgasm tightened body.

Aurora arched her back, the fullness a sweet deep pleasure, and Hawk bent his head, pressing his lips to her throat as he thrust into her. His strokes were long and hard, her wet passage eager for him. When she lifted her legs, wrapping them over his back, they groaned in unison as the new position allow him to enter her deeper.

Again and again he thrust, his thick cock sliding deep, pressing against the walls of her vagina, opening her and filling her.
The orgasms, the attention of his hands and mouth, had driven the blood to the surface of her skin. Each touch, from the brush of his chest against her nipples, to his breath against her neck, sent pleasure coursing through her body. The taste of his kiss and his smell, sweat and man, was thick and pleasing in her nose.

“Rose,” he panted, “you have enchanted me, I can hold on no longer.”

Their lips sealed together, bodies rocking, as he came, spilling inside her.



  1. I have frightened everyone away because I use the word cunt in it’s original definition: a derogatory term for a male but at worst a neutral term for a female. This defintion has made its way back into the lexicon of the English speaking world outside of North America. Soon, with the help of people like Inga Muscio and her followers like myself, the female will regain the word cunt as the blacks have regained the word nigger and the Gays the word queer.
    A term of endearment and empowerment
    To be embraced.
    IT IS NOT A BAD WORD WHEN I USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lila! Now that’s what I call a wonderfully reworked fairy tale!
    And Rhet and Lila – play nice together or i’ll have to send you to your rooms. Without the hard liquor.

  3. Lila,
    I apologise for any offense I may have engendered.
    Lisa and I are friends and the use of ‘cunt’ in here appelative string is a joke between us.
    Shock value was indeed a secondary consideration for its use in the handy comments facility of the SEx blog.
    I am a man more sinned against than sinning here. I do embrace feminism far more than most women do. Your reposte to my shortened etymological rendering was very well written and not at all malapropos.
    We are on the same team, girlfriend, please believe this.

  4. Rhet, I come to believe that. I also believe that not enough people call you on your sometimes disquieting turn of phrase. I will not back down on any issue I feel passionately about.

    However, our discussion has soured a friendship of mine, so I will have to bid you adieu, and if we meet again on whatever blog, I will leave you be.

  5. Apologies yet again.
    I do not understand how our quite calm and lucid discussion should have soured anything. There must be more to this incident than meets my eye.

    my “sometimes disquieting turn of phrase” is my signature, my schtick as it were. Reading my archives will assuage any of your lingering doubts as to how I use the “C” word. It is used in a female friendly manner.

    PS – I seem to have an “i” left over from my previous comment and I am missing an “e”
    Don’t you hate when that happens?

  6. Lila…hmmm…NICE!!! I so look forward to hearing more of this tale. I am thinking of hopping on the…train this monday. i am a lil a-scrrred though. I have NEVER actually written a sex scene. please stop by and don’t be afraid to give honest critism i need it. o.k.?!

  7. My favorite description in this was “deep, muscle trembling orgasm”- that made me think of one of those hardcore orgasms that you feel real low in in your uterus and makes your vagina clench and ripple so hard that it feels like it will snap the end off of anything that may be inside you at the time.

    Though I know it’s my enculturation as a child talking, Sleeping Beauty having ‘other lovers’ weirded me out for a second. Then the brain kicked in and I was like… we’ll, if it doesn’t bother me in regular books, why should it bother me if Sleeping Beauty has sex? But I admit that i stumbled for a second had to force the brain to get past it. I think this story is going to be hot but also a ‘thinker’ for many, Lila.

  8. Isn’t sex a part of why people write poem(or to get somebody in their bed)(and I just read the first part, make thing much more clearer!!)
    This is great!!

  9. Y- I’m on my way over, but you know, it’s actually supposed to be poerty, I’m just trashy and like sex instead.

    Ann- I’m glad you’re enjoying the story, it’s fun to write in the fairy tale SUPER DRAMATIC prosey style.

    Ange- My darling why, why, must you cling to your believe that only vigins make good princesses?!? My mission is still to whipe you of this societally impossed brain constriction

    and… Sleeping Beauty has lesbian sex with malificent in the next chapter. Sorry. 🙂

    Jill- Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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