Red Ribbon, pt 9

Copyright (c) Lila Dubois 2007. This is unedited, and I am an infamously bad self editor (see snarky comment from my editor in this post), so read at your own risk.

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Red Ribbon is BACK! This one’s for Rosemary! In this isntallment I will pull on every bad BDSM cliche there is.

The horrible part is that this one is actually better than the one I have going on my newsletter…

She looked like sex on a stick, expensive sex on a stick.
Mark barely noticed when the hostess drifted away. As he had in the parking lot he gave her a once over, a slow appraisal. He tried to start at her feet and work his way up but he got distracted by her breasts, those things looked edible in that dress. He heard the hiss of air as she took a deep breath and then had to do a little deep breathing of his own as those fantastic breasts rose and fell. The seemed to call out to him, ‘come Mark, pet us love us, play with us.’
Manfully ignoring the fact that he had just had an imaginary conversation with her tits he started again with her feet. She had on strappy things, looked painful but they did amazing things to her calves. The skirt of the dress hugged her thighs and hips just so, the material pulled taught by her one-hip-cocked stance.

On the way to her face he once again was drawn in by her breasts, ‘love us Mark! Play with us.’ After a quick eye caress and mentally promising to have a nice long conversation with those babies at a later date he made it to her face. That perfect blond mane framed her face which said girl-next-door after she moved to the city and learned a few things. There was no uncertainty in her eyes, she knew exactly what she looked like, knew she was ravishing, but there was challenge, almost as if she dared him to disapprove. She had a long wait coming if that is what she was waiting for.
“Lizabeth,” he took her hand a raised it to his lips placing an open mouthed kiss on the back, “it is a pleasure.”

* * *

“Marcus, thank you the pleasure is mine.”
He looked great in a dark grey suit with a white shirt and navy tie. Not exactly the most GQ outfit but it was a classic look that would never stop working for the gentlemen, and considering his size Liz shuddered to think of the cost of having suits tailored. His hair had been brushed so that it fell back from his face without being tucked behind his ears. Liz had to stop herself from reaching over and pulling on lock forward just to recreate the rakish look from last night.
He eased her onto the booth opposite where he had been sitting with a hand at her back. As he slid in across from her she took stock of the table eyeing two black leather portfolios. Seeing her look at them he slid them down onto the seat with a teasing smile her way. As the waiter glided up they settled easily into the routine of two urbanites enjoying a high quality meal out on the town. After the waiter had listed that nights meal options they chose the fish, Mark seamlessly selecting an appropriate white wine. Liz mentally lifted and eyebrow. While she had never taken him for a dumb jock that level of wine knowledge was a bit above the norm.
After the waiter had glided away she asked about it “So where is it that you acquired such extensive wine knowledge?”
Mark settled back into the booth and smiled. “I wish I could say that I was a true connoisseur but alas a buddy of mine from my pro days bought a vineyard as an investment and then got really into it. For years I got cases of different wines for holidays until he finally dragged me up to his vineyard for week. I learned more than any man could ever want to know about wine and grapes. For example do you know why they plant rosebushes…”
The conversation continued as the three course meal was served, moving easily from one topic to another. Liz was once more stuck by how easy it was to fall back into a friendship with him. They each talked about their jobs, Liz’s venture capitalist company, Mark’s post-pro career as a sport writer and commentator.
When the entrée was gone Mark asked the server to hold off on dessert. When he reached down next to him and then carefully placed the portfolios on the table Liz sat up a bit straighter, a shiver running down her spine.
Mark carefully took one of the portfolios and placed it in front of her. She let her hand rest on it but kept her eyes on Mark.
“I’m going to be honest with you Lizzy. I am having a lot of fun tonight, and you look fucking amazing in that dress. Right now I am worried about the catch. No matter what now that I found you again I don’t want to loose you and I hope you feel the same.”
Liz inclined her head, “I do.”
“Good. Then lets get down to business, let me know if we aren’t seeing eye to eye on anything I am saying.” Mark took a small sip of his white wine before continuing. “You are looking for a Dom, a Master. I am looking for a sub. I have had some experience, and pretty much know what I like, and know that what I want is not the ‘standard.’ From what you said last night I think you might be the same, but we need to be sure. So, in each pad there is a checklist. Not only the classic BDSM checklist everyone is supposed to fill out but a couple other pages, supplemental you could say. There are two copies of each, just mark your answer on both so that then we can swap and go over it, sound good?”
Liz smiled, this was even better than what she could have hoped for, she was a logical soul and the idea of a checklist was very appealing, the fact that he had thought of it and successfully implement it made her relax. He knew what he was doing.
As the city slowly rotated past the glass Liz open her portfolio and began to read.



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