Found Furniture

Trash or treasure?

Are you seriously freaking cheep if you take someone else’s throw away furniture, or are you a savvy person?

And I don’t mean your friend giving you their furniture, I mean some unknown person’s throw away.

Here’s what I did:

I was having a stressed out day last week, so I was in a weird mood as I finally walked into my building. I was hot and scrubby and wearing my rattiest gym clothes. As I walked by the trash room I saw this bookcase. A nice tall bookcase. Since I live in not-the-nicest building, when people move out they have a tendency to just dump any furniture they don’t want anymore.

Normally I ignore this.

This night, I did not.

After dumping my bags, I went back and dragged this, unexpectidly heavy, bookcase into my room. I put it in the free space in my room and stood back.

It was bad. I have a very specific color wood bedroom set, the bookcase was far too red. I sat in the floor and stared at it. Then, the restless bad-dayness that had a hold of me, prompted me to go find the leftover wall paint from my room. Now if I’d followed propper HGTV procedure I would have taken it apart, sanded it, primed it and painted it. Yeaaaaaaaa I don’t think so.

I found a bit of sandpaper, took a few swipes and started painting.

I only painted the parts that showed.

That’s right, I didn’t even move it away from the wall.

So I now have a haphazardly painted bookcase, that can never be moved from it’s current position. And it’s a used bookcase.

So what about you, ever ‘acquire’ furniture?



  1. all the time. one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, def. the best desk chair i’ve ever owned is an old wooden rolly thing i rescued from the garbage pile of the house across from work. we were short a desk chair, and when i saw it, i decided not to wait for maintenance to show up with one. when i left the job, the chair came with me. its old, worn smooth wood, tilts back too far, and i adore it.

  2. You’re chair sounds awesome. Something like a couch might be gross, as you never know what’s in, or on, there, but I think we can hold on to our ‘classy’ ratings with chairs and bookcases.

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