Stupid Quake

I just finished putting all my books away and that stupid earthquake rattled them off the shelves.

Last night just after one, we were woken by an earthquake. It was strong enough to get everyone out of bed and have us standing in doorways. It was a sideways rocker rather than a shaker. Needless to say we were rattled, and up for a couple of hours putting stuff away and calling to make sure it hadn’t been a big one somewhere.

I need more sleep.

It was a medium sized one, and it sounds like no one was hurt, so that’s good.

More earthquake information.



  1. earthquakes are scary. i had a school come down around my ears during a 7 pointer when i lived in Turkey. Sounds like it’s old hat to you there though, grumbling about the books falling! grin! Glad you’re okay. I can breathe again. The post title gave me a heart attack.

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