I’m inspired.

Yesterday I went to orientation for my Masters program. It will be the first time I’m studying something I am soul deep passionate about, instead of merely interested in.

The instructors spoke in a language I understood; they promised to feed me ideas and theories and practical knowledge I need. I’m not only going to learn to write, but to make words my medium. My program is one of the only interdisciplinary ones in the country. To graduate I will have to take classes in playwriting, poetry, non-fiction, screenplay, short story, essay, and novel writing. I’m not going to asked to be one thing, but to be a writer who works in all formats. I have classmates who will become my support system. For so long I’ve functioned with just on-line people the idea of being able to sit knee to knee with someone while you talk out plot points is mind-boggling.

Could I BE more inspired? I think not.


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