…and I’m over it.

I just bought a $50 course reader that is 34 pages long. Now I’m a jadded and world-weary grad student instead of an inspired one.




  1. Heh. Yeah. My favourite is when the reading list includes books written *by* the professor. So you just know they’re getting royalties on top of their salary.

  2. rolling on the floor laughing my ass off at these sequence of posts!!!
    I just coughed up $600 for books for Ky for grad school. what’s up with THAT? and then there are the other two also in college. Oh! Forgot to tell you the good news – #1 Son got a full football scholarship last week for his final year playing football! woot! No doubt though the acrued misc. fees at Johnson and Wales for #3 Son will make up the difference. sigh. Still excited though.

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