TT Image inspirations for SAVAGE

Here are some images that inspired me while writing, and remind me of the second book in the Zinah series: Savage.

(for more Info click on “Savage” under the categories or read about it on my publisher’s site HERE)


Except they wouldn’t be all shiny and clean. They’d be bloody and battle worn.

Big Sword. *snicker*



The Good Stuff:


  1. 🙂 I was just going to ask how you managed to get three pictures up and arranged the way you wanted them when I read the comments. I guess the blogging demons struck again (My list is 13 videos I want to get on DVD-couldn’t get a single bloody pic to behave- sigh).

  2. lol I i had a hard time with pics too, I could only get the state flag and one other on mine. Love the ones you do have though…very rugged, dangerous….and just thinking about a warrior wielding one…ohhhhhh.
    oops got carried away, hope you had a great thursday!!!!

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