TT- Things NOT to do with your pen name

  1. Pretend it is your superhero identity
  2. Accidentally sign it on work emails
  3. Have stickers made that say property of pen name and stick them to friend’s butts.
  4. Give it as your name while drunk at a bar
  5. Allow your roommates to give it as their names to unattractive guys while drunk at a bar
  6. Make your roommate wear a wig and pretend to be your pen name at a club where you are having a release party so you can go dance
  7. Say you’re going to keep it a secret and tell everyone you know
  8. Forget what it is and not respond to it
  9. Snort and giggle when you get a caller who asks for your pen name
  10. Have picked a name so silly that no one ever says it without long drawn out vowels
  11. Use it as your SN in sex chat rooms
  12. Give out you YIM pen name SN to people you met in sex chat rooms
  13. Begin torrid online affair with hot irishman as your pen name

Bonus points if you can guess which ones I’ve done/am doing.



  1. I say it’s all the even numbers Lila. If your hiding a sexy Irishman, I’d hope he’s screaming your real name when ah….you know….LOL

  2. A torrid online affair with an Irishman?
    Surely not!

    I bet the two of you have a name for you that he screams quite a lot.
    More importantly, you better be screaming his name as often as possible… 😉

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