TT – Things you should know if you’re going to sleep on the floor of your office

Sorry this is late and that I haven’t been around, but October is Hell Month at my job.

If you, like me, are going to end up sleeping at your office here are the things you should know:

  1. The floor is hard – don’t sleep on your side
  2. It will be cold, even if you turned off the AC before you lay down
  3. Binders make unconfortbale pillows
  4. Have a toothbrush and toothpaste
  5. Have spare clothes (they can be ugly ones…)
  6. Random cloth items in the office (tote bags, sweaters, etc) also make bad pillows
  7. You must set a wake up call – meaning someone to actually call you
  8. You should time stamp eveything by sending emails to people at 4am
  9. All buildings make scary noises at night
  10. The sound of the security guard roaming the halls will scare the crap out of you
  11. It won’t be full dark – but will be just dark enough to be scary
  12. You won’t actually sleep, you’ll nap/passout
  13. You will dream about work


  1. A few queries Lila,

    Did you get bruises in strange places?
    Was that why you needed a change of clothes?
    Who was your wake up call?
    Was work all you dreamt about?

  2. Wow, I wouldn’t want to do it. It sounds a little like sleeping in the hospital, but colder, harder and scarier albeit a little quieter, familiar and private. I hope you don’t have to do it much; if so, there are some great camping supply stores out there that can meet your every need. Happy TT.

  3. Lila-doll, been there, done that. Thankfully long ago and in a different life.
    Now to put my mama hat on – what the hell?!? Do i need to fly over there and bitchslap your bosses? you know i’ll do it. There is no sane reason to sleep over night at the office. If for no other reason (besides it sucks) it takes too many damn days to RECOVER from it.

  4. *ignoring first post, will deal with him later*

    Dawn- yea it just sucks in all ways. One of those things that can’t be made better, though your REI suggestion is good.

    Rhi – I know i Know! I’ll be good and go home!

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