Untitled Random Story, Part 1

They walked into the store, fingers intertwined, body’s never more than a few inches apart.  They perused the aisles, laughing and giggling, hands pressing against one another, first the brush of fingers over a cheek, then his hand briefly on her breast. It would have been terribly inappropriate had then not been in Copenhagen’s sexiest toy shop.

They toyed with the cuffs, him forcing her hands to the small of her back as they kissed in the aisle. The cuffs dangled, forgotten in the power of their kiss, from his fingers.

They teased their way through the flavored oils section, stripping off jackets and rolling back shirt sleeves to stroke the flavored oils onto the inside of their wrists before sampling with kisses and licks. He teased her through the dildo and vib section, pulling down the most monstrous among them hand holding them against her belly, as if testing to see exactly how deep in her they would go when he forced them in. The girl’s eyes grew big and he chuckled, rubbing his lips against hers to show he was teasing. The girl slapped his arm, but she was smiling.

Their teasing continued as they played with the tester vibes. The girl rolled one up and down the firm planes of the man’s chest until he shuddered in pleasure.

They reached the secluded back corner of the store and, aroused beyond measure, the man leaned back against the wall, pulling his girl to him, and kissing her deep and hard.

They thought they were alone, and somewhat secluded, so when a customer pushed through a door they hadn’t known was there, nearly squashing them with it, they both jumped. The customer, a beefy guy in black, wandered away without ever noticing them.

The girl, eye sparkling, grabbed the closing door. Her guy pushed away from the wall and tried to coax her from the doorway. The girl nodded, albeit reluctantly, and released the door. It started to close again, but at the last moment the girl grabbed it and slipped inside, smiling and giggling. With an exasperated sigh her guy followed her in.


To be continued…



  1. You’re all butt heads.

    I’m not going to tell you anything anymore!

    Okay we all know that’s not going to happen as I have such a big mouth.

  2. From The Dean;s Desk:
    KATE!!!! ANGE!!!! Rhian!!!! *snacking od
    Dean’s head on desk*
    This is the talk-sone-sense-into-Lila-the-idiot-girl. She gets vilely ill every single time she leaves the country. Last time she was across the pond, she had to be medically evacuated back to the States
    It’s like she trying to star in an Anne Stuart novel.
    Paddy the Irishman? One might surmise this is a very obviously stereotype except…
    The Dean

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