April outs me as a Picky Bitch


Hmmm. The brilliant April Martinez and I had strong differences of opinion on the cover of Savage. I don’t think I have the right to post the first one, but trust me, it’s different.

Teeth were knashed, snarky emails were sent, and threats were made on both sides.

I was catching up with my reading over at Bam’s Blog and discovered that April had outed me for being a picky bitch. Ouch.

“Other times I get questions, comments, and request for changes, which are not as nice but, depending on the author and the feedback, may or may not make a better cover. It’s hard to predict.”

Hmmm, wonder who she’s talking about?

Guess I know what she thinks about the cover. Ah well, free pub with Bam.



  1. Oh for heaven’s sakes. Read the bloody article. She did NOT call you picky. She did NOT call you a bitch. In fact, Narcissus, she didn’t mention you at all.

    Let it go!


  2. ALL THE ILLUSTRATORS HAVE COVERS! and April didn’t only use yours. However, it’s obviously one she’s proud of, or else she wouldn’t have chosen it.

    Geez. Instead of bitching, you should be thanking April for the free advertising…

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