TT- Halloween Costumes

I intended to make myself an awesome rockabilly pin-up girl costume, but then life happened, so I will once again be dressed as slutty strawberry shortcake.

Here’s 13 Halloween Costumes that Rock:

1. Candy Corn Witch

2. Chick with whip

I don’t know what she’s actually supposed to be but she has a whip and cute shoes. That’s all I need!

3.  Slutty Snow White

4. Fire fighter

very appropriate for So Cal right now

5. Crazy Girl

HA! Jokes on them, I don’t need a costume for this one…

6. Gypsy Pirate type chick

7. Pirate Wench

8. Fuck Pirate Wench: PIRATE CAPTAIN! HELL YEA!!


I would like to say that I fully support small children being dressed up as cute things for the amusement of adults.

9.  Piglet

Heheh it’s cute!


10. Small flying thing

11. Ladybug

12. Pumpkin

13. Carebear!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yes, those shoes ARE cute. Good eye!

    As for costumes… *sigh* Not a clue. Maybe hippie girl again. Or grunge girl.

    Happy TT, Lila! Glad you stopped by; take care of yourself — and your lungs! — until the fires are cleared up.

  2. Actually you shouldn’t go as a nun; you’re make a great cheerleader, a Fighting Irish cheerleader, that is!
    I’m going to get moderated amn’t I?

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