TT- Halloween Costumes

I intended to make myself an awesome rockabilly pin-up girl costume, but then life happened, so I will once again be dressed as slutty strawberry shortcake.

Here’s 13 Halloween Costumes that Rock:

1. Candy Corn Witch

2. Chick with whip

I don’t know what she’s actually supposed to be but she has a whip and cute shoes. That’s all I need!

3.  Slutty Snow White

4. Fire fighter

very appropriate for So Cal right now

5. Crazy Girl

HA! Jokes on them, I don’t need a costume for this one…

6. Gypsy Pirate type chick

7. Pirate Wench

8. Fuck Pirate Wench: PIRATE CAPTAIN! HELL YEA!!


I would like to say that I fully support small children being dressed up as cute things for the amusement of adults.

9.  Piglet

Heheh it’s cute!


10. Small flying thing

11. Ladybug

12. Pumpkin

13. Carebear!!!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “TT- Halloween Costumes

  1. Yes, those shoes ARE cute. Good eye!

    As for costumes… *sigh* Not a clue. Maybe hippie girl again. Or grunge girl.

    Happy TT, Lila! Glad you stopped by; take care of yourself — and your lungs! — until the fires are cleared up.

  2. Actually you shouldn’t go as a nun; you’re make a great cheerleader, a Fighting Irish cheerleader, that is!
    I’m going to get moderated amn’t I?

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