Savage is available!

Savage, the second book in the Zinah Series, is now available!




The first ambassadors to a wild and savage land, Anleeh and Siara expected to face dangers both physical and mental; they did not expect to find love. For Siara this is a great adventure, for Anleeh, a nightmare. He’s risking his very soul by returning to a land where the battle madness is a warrior’s most prized trait.

When Anleeh loses control of himself, falling into the battle madness of his people, can Siara’s strength and submission save them both?

Contest: Who’s your perfect Zinah?

TAKE THE QUIZ  to find out who your perfect Zinah is. Once you’ve taken the quiz post your results or repost the quiz on your blog or myspace page, send me the link, and you’re entered to win the contest. (if you don’t have a blog or myspace page email me your quiz result at

The Prize:
An “erotic romance readers make better lovers” tote, a signed copy of Forbidden and assorted bookmarks and other goodies.



  1. Woohooo! I downloaded it last night (I haven’t had time to read it though).

    I also took the quiz… I got Anleeh. *drooling* I took it a second time just for fun and got Rohaj. Yum!

    Congrats on another book, Lila!!!!

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