Savage – First Review is up!

The very first review of Savage is up!

I got a 94 -keeper status!- from Mrs. Giggles.

Check out her whole website HERE

Jump right to the review of Savage.

My favorite part:

“Savage explores the sensual and emotional dynamics of two people so this is a far more intimate story than the previous one. For all the talk of domination and submission, however, this one sees a rather conventional thing going on between Anleeh and Siara because Siara speaks her mind and generally acts most unlike an obedient submissive. In fact, one can even argue that if there is anyone who is doing the dominating in this story, it’s Siara as she gets Anleeh to teach her the martial arts of his people when she’s not experiencing sensual delights under his tutelage. I have no problems with this. I like this, in fact, but I suspect that readers looking for a more accurate D/s relationship between the two characters will be disappointed with this one.

And that is before she starts carrying out small but subversive steps to counter the rampant and often brutal patriarchy of Den. The author realistically does not have Siara making any big chances in this story, but I say give her five years and she’d probably start a revolution.

Anleeh makes a very intriguing and often attractive dominant male who doesn’t cross the line to being outright cruel, and his inner demons provide a nice touch of vulnerability without getting too excessive with the pathos. Siara is a nice counter to him as she is intelligent, curious, and passionate. Sometimes she tends to act without thinking, especially when her sense of justice is challenged by what she encounters in Den, but Anleeh is there to rein her in. Their relationship is satisfying to follow because there is a strong emotional as well as sexual bond between them.”

Spot on Mrs. G. Spot on.


  1. From The Dean’s Desk:
    The Dean finds Mrs. Giggles to be very accurate but without noting that these two characters develop much more through dialogue and discourse as well as very realistic description. The Dean finds this more satisfying than Forbidden (although the Savage cover disappoints in comparison) and the author has found a richness to language and image as well as drawing on her anthropology background.

    The Dean raises a cup of tea and scone in Ms. Dubois’ honor.

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