Poetry? How about some sex.

Rather than poetry, today I’m presenting a sex scene, which is its own form of poetry.

This is one of the deleted scenes from Savage. It’s the infamous ice dildo scene.

Savage Deleted Scene (unedited):

He grinned in triumph. “No more talking.” Pressing a quick kiss to her lips Anleeh sat up, “I will say that you look quite delectable like this lover, you body well marked.” He skimmed his finger over the fading teeth marks on her shoulder, then glided it down over her breast where several small marks like tiny bruises, decorated the soft white mounds.

“I suspect that my back is well decorated.” Anleh turned so that she could get a view of his back, when he turned to face her once more her wide eyes told him all he needed to know about the marks her nails had left.

Settling his hand against the closest breast he began to casually toy with her nipple, flicking, pinching and plucking at it, his manner studied unconcern. When her eyes fluttered closed at small sounds of delight and desire escaped her lips he could not help but thank the Goddess at his good fortune at having been graced with such a willing and passionate woman.

“Spread you legs, wider, bend your knees. Now I want you to reach down and open the lips of your sex. Wider. Pinch the lips in your fingers and hold yourself open, expose yourself to me.”

Siara did as he ordered, opening herself, lifting her hips in desperate hope that he would touch her, pleasure her. Each orgasm gave her only made her crave the subsequently, each new act begging for the next.

“Lovely. Your sex I lovely, it is too bad I will have to punish it.”

Siara squeaked in alarm, watching wide eyed as he rose and headed for the door.

“I will return in just a moment lover, don’t move.”

Siara swallowed hard, try as she might her emotions continued to roll through her, arousal chasing fear, subsuming desire, all beyond her logical control. Anleeh returned, shivering, and Siara realized he must have gone outside. This was confirmed by the fact that in one hand he held two snowballs, in the other a long cylindar of snow, tapered at one end.

The cylindar Anleeh set on the floor, a safe distance from the fire. The snowballs he brought with him, settling himself cross-legged on the furs beside her, her spread body before him like an offering.

Taking up on of the snowballs he pinched off a small piece and pressed it to her lips. The cold was lovely and welcomed on lips that were dry from too many kisses and warm from arousal. Slowly the snow melted, water trickling down the sides of her face, forging paths along her neck before disappearing into her scattered hair.

He pinched off a second piece, murmuring “Open,” and slipped it into her mouth. Siara drank down the cold of the melting snow, always aware of how her fingers held her sex open.

Again he pinched off a piece of snow, but this he placed on her sternum, between her breasts, the trail of water running up to her neck and off to each side, slipping below the swell of each breast.

When his fingers once more approached her body, a bit of winter trapped between his fingertips, Siara knew where it was going, even before he laid it against her nipple. She gasped and jerked, the sensation so strong it was painful, her teeth clenching as he held the snow firmly against her nipple. Her flesh ruched up, tight and red, but still he held it on there, freezing the tight bud. Her single whimper turned into a repeated sound, and unending plea for him to stop, and one that he would not obey.

Still he tormented her, his eyes switching between her abused breast and her pleading face. When the last of the snow was finally gone, and that breast was wet, Siara realized that her ordeal was only half over, as the next finger full of snow was placed on the unabused nipple.

Again she whimpered and shivered through the painful cold, her fingers trembling where she still held open the lips of her sex.

“The cold is painful isn’t it?”

She nodded.

“But you are aroused by it aren’t you? Aroused by the strength of the sensation, aroused so that while you might whimper, begging me to stop, your sex fills with moisture. Your body doesn’t know the difference between the strong pleasure and strong pain, the line is a thin one, and in Den we like to walk it.”

Anleeh lapped at the first nipple while the last of the snow melted on the other.

When he gently bit her, Siara saw stars.

“Siara, lover… do you know where I will place snow next?”

Her hair thrashed about her head when she shook it, denying what he was saying, both desiring and dreading what would come next.

Anleeh stretched back for the long cylinder of snow.

“There are tricks to working with snow. One of which is that if you form a shape out of snow, then dip it in water and set it back outside, the item will form a hard layer of ice, which will help it to hold it’s shape.” Anleeh rubbed the thing in his hand over her belly and it was smooth and oh so cold. “Can you feel how hard and smooth I made this?”

When she nodded Anleeh held it up, “Lover, have you figured out exactly what I am going to do with this?” Siara frowned in puzzlement. She’d expected him to press finger-fulls of snow against the insides of her sex as he had to her nipples, but his questions forced her to revaluate.

There must be a reason he’d chosen that particular shape to create. Why it almost looked like a long smooth…

Siara’s eyes went wide.

“I see you have figured it out, smart girl.”

Frantic now she thrashed her head against the fur, denying what he implied he would do, but still her fingers held her sex open and the moisture between her legs flowed freely.

“Yes, lover, I am going to fuck you with this. I will take his hard cold thing and put it inside you, and I will not take it out. I will fuck you with it, but I will leave it in you until it has melted away, who knows how long that will be.”

Anleeh pressed the tip into her belly button and then dragged it down to the top of her patch of curls.

“Are you ready?”

She shook her head no.


He dragged the tip through her dark curls and then down over her clit, her hips arching high in reaction. She jerked and twitched as he inched it lower, the cold tappered tip parting the inner petals of her sex to find the weeping entrance to her body.

He carefully rotated the tip in the pooled moisture and then, with a single hard thrust, sank the frigid phallus into her.

Siara screamed, her fingers loosing there grip on her sex, her hips arching up off the fur, her body resting only on her shoulders and heels. Anleeh caught her hips, forcing them back down. Grasping the protruding end he pulled it out, until only the tip rested inside her. Siara gasped for breath, her mouth open.

Cold so strong it burned was seeping into her belly and back from the inside. It felt as though he had lit up her body with the cold white light of the winter sun. Just as she caught her breath Anleeh shoved the phallus back inside, the heel of his hand against the base preventing her body from pushing it out. He shifted to lie more fully between her legs, eyes on her sex, his heavy lidded gaze and pink lips indicating that he was aroused by what he did to her.

This time when he pulled it out he leaned in and licked at her clit, the warmth of his tongue like fire on her chilled flesh.

Again and again he fucked her with the crude cold dildo, his tongue working her clit, sometimes venturing lower to lick along the edges of the snowy thing. Each time he pulled it out her body clenched, water slipping from her body to slide down between the cheeks of her ass and into the fur below.

Soon the dildo grew slender, only the very end, which never made its way inside, maintained the original thickness. Anleeh pulled the dildo out one last time and broke off the thick end, “Now it doesn’t come out until it runs out of you as water.”

With that he shoved the slender column of ice fully within her and pinched the inner lips of her sex closed.

Even as she reeled from this new sensation his tongue settled once more one her clit, broad flat strokes alternating with darting stabs from the pointed tip of his tongue.

Like the silent blizzard they had come through, her orgasm began to build and rage with her, a whirling force of nature. When it came, breaking over her body, her beast snarling from deep with her, Siara wrapped her legs tight over his shoulders, her thighs holding his face captive between her legs.

As the orgasm subsided, and Siara fell back, utterly replete, Anleeh surged up, his sudden movement startling. With one hard stroke he was in her, his own eyes going wide with shock upon entering her chilled body.

Once, twice, thrice, the thrust into her, his cock forcing the melted snow to run out of her sex. Pulling out he spilled his seed against her belly and rolled to the side, his gasping breath matching hers.

Slowly Siara turned her head, waiting until Anleeh did that same so their eyes met.

“That was punishment?”




  1. infamous eh? so not reading this until i finish reading your book. then coming back to read it later this week.
    you still haven’t answered my Rohaj question. WHEN?????

  2. Gautami- I hope that’s ‘Wow, creative sex as opposed to’ ‘Wow someone call the Christian Right and have them come get this chick’ 😉

    Rhi- Um…

    James- Just remember: sugar is bad. Use a popsicle mode and go for straight ice. Or just ice cubes…

    Carol- Thanks for stopping by! Next week will be poetry, I swear.

    Julia- Don’t women always?

  3. Here’s hoping a certain capital city in Europe undergoes a cold snap next week or, failing that, that its hotels have a large supply of ice! 😉
    I’m going to get moderated amn’t I? *sigh*

  4. OMG! I can’t believe that got edited!!! That is a totally kick-ass & kinky scene! No wonder you were so bummed that it got cut.

    BTW: I didn’t know that about popcicles… why is sugar bad?

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