2008 is here and it is the one-year anniversary of Forbidden, my first book, being published. I would like to thank you all for continuing to read, and to thank you, I’m running the mother of all contests!

Lila’s Anniversary Contest #1
Answer the following questions and email your answers to

You have until Friday (1-18) to find the answers. Winners will be drawn and announced Saturday. I will select five winners, and each (in the order they were selected) gets to choose their prize.

Designer Purse (ohh la la!) stuffed with goodies
Signed Copy of Forbidden with handmade bookmark
ARC of Lights, Cameras…Monsters and Hollywood theme goodies
Pamper yourself gift bag with an assortment of bath items and chocolate
“Erotic romance readers make better lovers” tote with an assortment of erotic romance

Good luck!

Question 1: Name all five Zinahs

Question 2: Name the heroine of the second Zinahs book

Question 3: Which Zinah will be the hero of Zinahs Book 3?

Question 4: In Savage the women all wear clothes made of _____.

Question 5: Name the hero and heroine of Lights, Camera…Monsters

Question 6: In Sealed with a Kiss the hero is not human, he’s a ______.



  1. lol Y!!
    Love the cover of Lights, Camera….Monsters Lila!!
    Wonder who won? I saw this too late 😦 Good luck ladies!


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