Top then things an erotic romance heroine will NEVER say.

  1. I’m just not in the mood.
  2. Are you done yet? Because I’ve got to put money in the meter.
  3. If you’ve contracted a magical illness shouldn’t you…um… go to the doctor, rather than have sex with me?
  4. Hysterical laughter* oh come on, no penis is really THAT small.
  5. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me, it’s okay that you couldn’t find my clit and I didn’t have an orgasm.
  6. I don’t have sex before marriage
  7. My superpowers are only to be used for good, not as kinky magical sex aids.
  8. Can we take a moment and discuss the socio-political ramifications of our having sex?
  9. Why are you holding hands cuffs and a whip? Get away from me spawn of Satan!
  10.  Oh no… I couldn’t POSSIBLY have another orgasm, no really, two was plenty…

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