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My Greatest Fear as an Author

Being still rather new to the game of publishing I spend a lot of time thinking about being an author. I have been told that eventually it will all settle down and I can go back to just writing without analyzing everything to death, every 5 minutes.

But until then I’ll obsessively ponder my author-ness (it’s a word… I swear).

I have not even gained the courage to start introducing myself as an author. If asked what I do I give my day job. Luckily I have some very awesome friends who have started jumping in with “What she actually means is she’s an author. She just sold a short story!”

As embarrassed and nervous as I get, it gives me a little thrill to be acknowledge as a writer. As soon as I start acknowledging myself that way we’ll be in business.

But back to my greatest fear-

Since you are all my friends I will reveal to you my greatest fear as an author: arrogance.

I am terrified that a time will come when I think I DESERVE to have readers or that I DESERVE great reviews.

I have met some big name authors who give off this attitude, and as a reader it really turns me off. I don’t ever want to become like that. Right now I am absurdly grateful for every sale I make and every email I receive.

I wonder if those authors were like me, felt the way I do, and something about success made them arrogant, helped them forget how amazing it is that someone else in the world decided to share in the stories in their mind, never mind pay for them!

So here I am, asking you now, as my friends, to bitch-slap me if I make it big and turn into an arrogant putz.

Note: this is not an invitation to smack me around just for your own amusement. (You know who you are and I am watching you.)



I solemnly swear to smack Lila Dubois if she turns into an Arrogant Author.

Thank you for your time and attention


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