Ireland – part 1

Well I’m here! After a ten hour flight on Aer Lingus (there was a big shamrock on the tail of the plane) I landed in Dublin. I got through customs and immigration with minimal fuss, and my Farm Boy (FB from here on out) was waiting for me. His family lives about an hour from the Dublin airport. At first, as we drove through the countryside, it looked no different that parts of Nor Cal and Texas that I’d seen, but then we went around a curve and BAM green green green dotted with square white cottages, some with thatched roofs. Padraig’s parent’s house is lovely, with the farmland (cows) out back and to the side. I went on a tour of the farm, which included seeing the baby cows, who will suck on your fingers.

Just before dinner we went to the peat bog, and tromped all over it. Don’t step on the yellow moss stuff, turns out that’s not firm. I sank almost to the knee in the stupid bog.

I’ve attached a picture of the view from the sitting room. That stone house is next to the milking shed. The house belongs to FB’s Great Aunt.

The view from the livingroom window


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