Ireland – Part 6 – Trim Castle

Trim Castle is your basic normal castle. LOVED IT! It was big and drafty and the stones green and moldy and the walls were 12 feet thick. Trim castle was the Norman stronghold of er, someone, after the English King ____ sent someone over there to make sure that this other someone the English king had already sent over there didn’t decide to make a kingdom of his own because the original someone married an Irish Princess.

Got that? Yea, me either. I would have taken notes, except we weren’t allowed to. You could take pictures, but not notes. Intriguing.

Point is: it’s a massively cool castle. I’ve never really been able to visualize how a castle worked, but walking through it it made much more sense. Huge chunks of Bound need to be re-written to incorporate this new castle working knowledge. Though I think I’ll leave out the bits about peasants hanging their clothes over the huge vat of human waste so the ammonia and gases would kill the lice, fleas and tics living in your clothes. Ahhh the privileges of fiction.

Trim castle is the one used in Braveheart. One side of the castle was London, the other side York, and all the small children and townspeople in the movie are from trim. The executioner in “London” was one of the school teachers.


  1. Your hilarious Lila.
    Beautiful pictures! Stunning castle!
    You lucky lady you!
    Are you having a good time?
    Hope all is good!

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