Jim Butcher Gloming

I’m on a massive Jim Butcher glom. I only picked up the Dresden Files in the last year. I bought the first book after seeing Jim Butcher at RT07. I originally got them for my brother, who liked them, but is more of a high fantasy person, so he bough Jim Butcher’s fantasy series and the Dresden Files were lost in piles of crap on the floor. I found storm front when I dragged brother’s cat out from under the bed and the cat’s claws were stuck in to the cover. I started reading and have been on a massive Glom since. I’m trying to slow down, since I know the end is in sight, but I can’t.

I love it when I have a whole new series to read!

In the spirit of my glom, here is an interview with Jim Butcher from Comic Com up on Tor’s site.


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