Guilty Pleasure Blogs: part 1

Everyone has them, the blogs you check that hold absolutely nothing but entertainment value. In the writing world, and Romancelandia (that mystical place on the Internet where intellectual discourse on romance novels abounds) there are a multitude of intellectually stimulating blogs. Most of them are very entertaining, but there’s always a message or point of discourse built in, rather like children’s literature.

Those aren’t the ones I want to talk about today. Today I am all about the bad-like-refined-sugar blog. The ones you read to snicker and laugh.

And for me the best of the best has got to be D-listed. LOVE!

Michael K, the fucking BRILLIANT writer of D-listed, will someday decide he likes girls and marry me, filling my days with jargon laden snark. Until then I will have to content myself with checking D-listed 20 times a day.


Heads up-the prose is unrepentantly vulgar. Happy Chicken Cutlets!


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