Guilty Pleasure Blogs: part 2

Oh Perez. How you have grown, how you have changed. Perez is a must read. He gets gossip faster than anyone, doodles crack in noses, and calls ’em likes he sees them, from celebs to politics. The problem?

He’s too freaking nice! Now that he’s rolling with the Hollywood elite, making friends with celebs he used to snark (Paris Hilton barely ever shows up on his blog anymore) it’s not quite as much fun. Yes I am aware that my desire to see people mocked on the Internet makes me a bad person, but come on, I get bored at work like everyone else and need something to do.

So I am still a faithful Perez reader, and some day I am going to run into him at that coffee bean across from the DGA, and it will be awesome. I bet he’s still snarky in person. 🙂

Perez Hilton Blog


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