Del Taco

I had Del Taco for the first time tonight. Yes, I did grow up in a state with it, and yes, I know what it is. I’d just never had it. (Roomie says I probably ate a ton of the tacos while in college because their cheep-ass tacos are what they serve at free-food events. Whatever.)

This isn’t really about Del Taco. It’s about how you should NEVER EVER GO THROUGH A DRIVE THROUGH HUNGRY!

I ordered a meal, and then two additional items off the 99 cent menu. So bad…and yet so good! The quesedilla was omg amazing. Tortilla. Cheese. Done.



1 Comment

  1. hiya Lila
    I can’t believe I have had del taco before you!!
    I miss it, and in- n-out too I would kill for a burger.
    I posted some new pics of home,stop by and see.

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