Del Taco

I had Del Taco for the first time tonight. Yes, I did grow up in a state with it, and yes, I know what it is. I’d just never had it. (Roomie says I probably ate a ton of the tacos while in college because their cheep-ass tacos are what they serve at free-food events. Whatever.)

This isn’t really about Del Taco. It’s about how you should NEVER EVER GO THROUGH A DRIVE THROUGH HUNGRY!

I ordered a meal, and then two additional items off the 99 cent menu. So bad…and yet so good! The quesedilla was omg amazing. Tortilla. Cheese. Done.



One thought on “Del Taco

  1. hiya Lila
    I can’t believe I have had del taco before you!!
    I miss it, and in- n-out too I would kill for a burger.
    I posted some new pics of home,stop by and see.

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