Free Book Day!

Today I’m giving away paperback books that I can’t keep because I’m moving. If you’re here you’re either on the Samhain Cafe loop or get my Newsletter (link at right.) Either way, thank you!

Be sure you enter the correct email when you post so I can email you for your address. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! SORRY! I’m only giving away books that are on authors’ backlists, no new releases, so hopefully you’ll snag this free book and then buy their new ones!

Keep commenting until I declare who gets it, incase the first commenter already has too many books. 😉

EDITED: I wrote this late at night so my post wasn’t clear. Comment on the post of the book you want. Scroll down to see the books, posted by title. There will be more as the day goes on!



  1. Hmm, good point.

    Here’s a little preview so you’ll know if you want to wait.

    “My Champion” “Hell’s Belles” “Don’t Look Down” “Lost in a Good Book” “Sex and the Single Vampire”

    This is really more of a grab bag type event!

  2. Even though I’m 6th, I’ll still wish you good luck on your move. Sounds like it’ll be a fantastic experience. I actually stopped to Google the books, except for Don’t Look Down, which I already have. My Champion looks like a great historical. Juile

  3. o.k. so i was supposed to tell you which one i wanted huh? well i am not picky and i love books i don’t have any of the above mentioned so whatever is fine….that is if I am picked. OH hey have I told you latley you are my favorite? *grin*

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