This is Lila’s Farm Boy talking…

Hello everyone!

Some of you may know me as the blog’s resident Irishman and I may know some of ye from the delicious treats you’ve sent Lila while I’ve happened to be visiting the big smoke that is LA. Big smoke is my Dad’s phrase for any metropolis but it somehow feels like a particularly appropriate term for LA. 🙂

The first person to post the correct answer to Lila’s questions should have won the relevant book. Jambrea was first out of the blocks for both questions (do you want to represent Ireland at sprinting? hehe) so she can choose between “Sealed with a Kiss” and “Forbidden”. As a bonus prize, I’ll try to talk my wonderful cáilín (girl in Irish) into give copies to the second correct answers to each question.

Also, I’ve unilaterally decided to extend the best post competition for another 90 minutes so may the best respondee (yep, that’s a word I’ve just been Gerald Manly Hopkinised aka made up) win!

Here’s a little hint: the winning post will either be flattering about my beloved (favouritism or what?) or will best describe your urgent need to read, or should that be devour “Lights, Camera…Monsters” 😛

Have fun,
Paddy, the Farm Boy


  1. Hello again everyone,
    I’m writing as myself this time and just want to clarify that the best post competition is extended until 5.30 PST (aka bedtime Irish time, I’m too tired to figure out the time difference right now!)
    Enjoy yourselves,

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