Rough Day

Yesterday at 6:30pm, as I was packing up the last conference supplies to be shipped back to my office and day dreaming about taking off my suit and heels, my phone starts vibrating. Mom. Figuring it’s her asking about how the event went I ignore. Until I get this text: “Answer. It’s 911.”

Awww shit.

Turns out my  cousin, who goes to college about 60 miles from LA, had just been rushed to the Emergency Room. I was the closest person to her. I call the valet to bring my car, go into high speed to get everything done, and then race out. The racing ended as I pulled out into 6:30 on Friday Downtown LA traffic, but off I went. Home was the opposite way from her, so I head directly to her, still in my suit and heels.

2 Hours later (grimace) I arrive at the hospital, after having nearly crashed 1000 times because I was following directions using the gps on my phone and had to keep looking at it, and go rushing into the Emergency Room just as my cousin gets back from a CAT scan. I wait with her, demand they give her more pain meds, take away her cell phone so she’ll stop texting her bf, and then, when the Doctor comes in to explain what’s wrong, I whip out a pad and start making notes and lists.

My cousin is 19 and she has kidney stones. ?????

We’re out of the hospital by 10:30 and go on a trek looking for the 24 hour pharmacy. We hit 3 places before we arrive at the CVS we were supposed to be at (there were a freakish number of CVSs) and wait 45 min for them to INPUT her prescription. She’d never been there before and the system didn’t want to give her the massive amount of vicadin she’d been prescribed. After we get that turned in we have to wait an hour, so we try to get food, but the instant we sit down she gets miserably sick, so we pack up our food and go out to the car where it is dark and quiet to wait.

On a selfish note she felt better soon after and I let her eat her CPK in the car. No one eats in my car. It’s new, it’s perfect, it was my quarter life crisis present to myself. Now the interior smells like BBQ chicken pizza.

Anyway. By 11:30 we have her meds and we head back to her apartment, grab some clothes, and head for my apartment. She was in no shape to stay locked in her dorm room, where she can’t get anywhere and there is no one to help her, so I brought her back with me.

We’re driving by midnight and I am freebasing diet coke to stay awake. We had to stop along the way because the motion of the car was making her sick. Each time we had to stop I almost wept.

By 2 we’re at my place. My bed calls to me but first I get her set up, practically force her to drink a whole bottle of water, and make sure she’s okay. She’s okay, but she wants to talk, she’s feeling better, and instead of being sleepy like a normal person on heavy painkillers, she’s acting like they gave her speed. Resigned I sit down on the loveseat and talk to her until she falls asleep. It’s 3:30. By the time get out of my suit and heels (I heard choirs of angels) and into bed it’s 4am and I’d been awake 24 hours.

I hope everyone else had calm, peaceful Friday nights.




  1. Oh my gosh, I got such a snicker out of your saturday adventures!!! Pain killers do the same thing to me……no way they put me to sleep!!! Well you are a good sport and a great cousin!!!
    Happy No Guest Soon Day!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  2. OMG! I am so sorry! Believe it or not, I have had 21 kidney stones! I am 32… I have had 2 surgierues to get some removed. So I know her pain and believe me it is pain! I have had 2 kids and that pain is NOTHING compared to kideny stones. You are a wonderful person to do this for your family! I am sure I would have been selfish and said, MOM I am TIRED! Can’t someone else go? But that is just me…
    Good luck with getting rest! Oh and I am so ready to read the book! BIG BIG thank you!! Now I just have to find a spot away from my kids and hubby to read. LOL… that is a mission in itself.

  3. Picky – omg you poor thing. My Aunt had them really badly and had to go to the hospital to have them out. So now my poor cousin is freaking out that she inherited them. Can that happen? I’m getting mixed messages on web-md.

    I just had to force feed her an english muffin. Poor kid. At least she slept in this am so I did too.

  4. I don’t think they are inherited… my mom has never had them. She needs to not drink a lot of caffine and take it easy on milk products.. WATER WATER WATER is the key word lol.

  5. i was 20 when i had to have 4 surgerys cause of kidney stones and what they did to my tubes ,cause of the jagged edges

    they had to have my pain shot on stand by at the er room, dr orders, and mom had to rush me home before i totally zonked out. (we lived like 1/2 mile ) then it started taking 2 shots to zink me , it was 3 months of torture

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