Pass off of the sick cousin

Sick cousin Projectile Vomiting.

Sick cousin finally convinced of the fact that she is not going to be able to go to class Mon, Tues, Wed. (I figured WHEN WE WERE IN THE ER that she shouldn’t go to class this week.)

So sick cousin was driven back to college (60 miles), bags were packed, then cousin was driven to random small regional airport (her thanksgiving ticket was booked out of there and I was able to move it to today for $10-love Southwest,) and after advising her to not vomit on the plane, my cousin was up up and away, off to be my Aunts problem. I returned home (80 miles).

Whew. I love the kid and felt so bad for her, she felt so shitty, but my maternal instincts haven’t come in yet, and after the third round of cleaning my bathroom, while suppressing my own gag reflex, I was thinking my aunt could have stopped with one child.



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