Lovely England

Since we last saw Lila she’s failed as a hostess, been to London, and stopped wearing 4 layers every day.

I’m never roasting a chicken again. I’m just glad that I didn’t kill our neighbor we had over for dinner the night I tried to do a “proper Sunday roast.” That’s all I’ll say about it.

We went in to London for the second time. We picked up 15L tickets to a play, and the play was INCREDIBLE! We saw Arthur Miller’s “View from the Bridge.” It was tons of fun, and being in London’s West End, which is alive and hopping after midnight, is so much fun after being in quiet Hersham.

Our almost poisoned neighbor  has been really nice, and even took her with me to a big supermarket. She’s a nice old English lady. Very independent, loves dirivng around, and is loving getting to “teach” me about England.

In other news I finally went to Walton, which is the next closest village, and only a half hour-fourty minute walk. They have a movie theater and a little mall. We went up one night to go to dinner and a movie, and on the way found a cool ethnic super market. It’s like those places you find in Chinatown that have everything from furniature to housewares to hardware and home improvement. It’s just like those places you fine in Chinatown or Koreatown. I was super excited (yay spices that aren’t 4L a bottle!), and we ended up with bags of stuff that we had to carry home.


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