Ravishing Rhian

This week’s spotlight author, from among the literary greats at International Heat, is Rhian Cahill! She’s flirty, she’d fabulous, and she’s mine! Bwah ha ha! Okay not really, but I did get her to answer some questions.

Below you will find 10 facts about Rhian, 8 are true, 2 are false. To enter the contest (see original Summer Spotlight post HERE) comment on this post with your name and your guess as to which facts are FALSE.

Happy guessing!


…owns 16 full vibrators and 3 travel size. Her favorites are the one that looks like a lipstick tube and the one that connects to her iPod.

…favorite vibrator is black and glows in the dark.

…first boyfriend’s name was Jeff.

…is dedicating her next book to her live in man slave.

…favorite place to live is India.

…favorite food is cake served to her by her man slave, while naked. (The man not the cake–she likes frosting on the cake.)

…pet’s name is Snickers.

…has written over 20 books.

…first book is called “One Night in Bangkok.” Neither the hero nor heroine are named Bangkok. Get your mind out of the gutter.

…professional Dominatrix name is Mistress Catlash.

Bonus #11–

…favorite person in the WHOLE WORLD is LILA DUBOIS



  1. Hi Rhian,

    Congratulations on being this week’s spotlight author. Your work is new-to-me so I’ll have to take a look. And since I don’t know you at all, I think I’ll have to agree with Jess and say the false answers are Snickers and twenty books! Great fun & great blog, ladies!

  2. Good Afternoon Mistress Catlash,
    I hope your slave has served you your cake today.
    As for the false, I would have to go with pet’s name Snickers and favourite place to live is India.
    Submissively yours,

  3. ROFLOL!!! Rhian, you are a brave soul to let Lila interview you. I just wanted to say ‘Hi’.

    Please don’t enter me on the contest since I just won a fantastic looking book from Rhian.


  4. Congrats on being the spotlight author I think the false answers are 20 books and pets name snickers. Great blog post.


  5. Hi Rhian! Loved visiting your site and reading about your books!
    My first time in the spotlight tour so I’m totally lost. But trying! Love to hear about your books!

  6. Am I to answer here. Yes I’m lost, going back and forth between here and trying to look up the answers.

  7. Congrats on being the Spotlight Author this week!

    I enjoyed checking out your blog, and I’m not sure what the correct answers are, but I’ll be the guess from left field and say…..the black vibrator is not among your favorites and you don’t have a professional Dominatrix name!!!

    Hahahaha, can’t wait to see what the real answers are!!!

  8. Congratulations on being the spotlight author this past week, Rhian!

    Lila, those are some hilarious options. I’m not sure which ones to choose, but there have been some pretty good guesses. But I think I’m going to go with Mistress Catlash and living in India as the wrong answers – even though that’s a fantastic dominatrix name. LOL

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