Spotlight on Valerie Tibbs

Valerie Tibbs, cover artist extraordinaire, is this week’s spotlight for International Heat.

As with last week, your job is to guess which two of the following facts are incorrect. Post your guesses in the comments!

Valerie Tibbs(‘s)…

…favorite were animal is a were-cougar. She’s captured several, but despite some, uh, interest, experiments, was not able to get them to turn into hot, hung men.

…enjoys sex in her converted bedroom. It took her several years but the bedroom cum (ha!) dungeon is her favorite room in the house.

…enjoys designing covers for authors whose vague visions give her creative wiggle room.

…enjoys designing “Save the Date” magnets.

…favorite strap on is made of supple purple leather.

…spent three years in Amsterdam being trained as a pony-girl.

…eats dinner off her man-slaves rock hard belly while he lies naked and bound on the table in her breakfast nook.

…if her man slave is naughty he’s allowed to bring her white roses–in his teeth–to earn his place in her good graces.

…has three personal strippers: Jo, Jo, and Devonshire.

…has a girl crush on Lila Dubois. 😀

Best of luck with your guessing!!!!


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