10th Book Raffle-pa-looza Day 5

Today’s prize is Bound, the third book in the Zinah series. This books is the closest I’ve come to writing a fairytale. It’s a sweet, soft love story mixed up with some hardcore bondage and sex games. Ha!

Below is an excerpt:

As if she’d conjured him from her fantasy, Moregon stepped out of the shadows, a towering form moving through the dark. So lost was she in her fantasy, that at first Aketa did not see him, and when his presence invaded her senses she took it for no more than a vivid phantom of the images in her mind.

But then fingers stroked the back of her hand, and he murmured, “Let me.”

Aketa gasped and opened her eyes. It was dark beneath the low hanging branches of the tree, and Moregon was no more than an outline, but she had no doubt of his identity.

Moregon eased her hand from her breasts, and replaced it with his own.

His fingers pressed her left nipple, squeezing, growing ever tighter, until she gasped and arched her hips.

He bent his head toward hers, and Aketa twisted her face to the right, hiding her imperfections, thought the low light already shielded her. His lips landed on her cheek.

It was the first touch of his lips on her, and it was perfect. The kiss was soft and gentle, reverent. Aketa exhaled, biting her tongue to keep herself from turning and meeting his kiss with her lips.

Moregon moved his mouth, sliding it down over her jaw to press wet, open-mouthed kisses along her throat. He licked the sensitive spot behind her ear, and it sent of bolt of pleasure to her sex.

This reminded her of the position of her hand, which had gone still under the surprise of his arrival.

Aketa flicked her thumb across her clit, and that combined with the pressure of his fingers on her nipple, and his mouth on her neck, rocketed her close to orgasm.

“Naughty,” he whispered, shifting so he could grab her wrist and force her fingers from her sex.

Aketa moaned in arousal. The word as he said it was suddenly imbued with dark things, and his act of control pressed her closer to orgasm.

“Will you punish me?” she whispered, emboldened by her arousal.

“Would you like that?” His question was deadly serious, but all Aketa could do was thrust her hips up, begging for his touch, and whisper, “Yes, yes, yes.”

“I can give you this,” he said.

Moregon slid his hand between her legs, pushing her skirts up so that her sex was fully exposed to the night air. He stroked the soft hair that protected her there, petting her. His fingers on her nipple twisted, contorting her flesh. She bucked her hips, forcing his hand into her sex.

“Moregon, please,” she begged, and his fingers brushed against her swollen clit.

He sat up, and Aketa had a flash of panic that she’d done something wrong, but he grabbed the top of her dress and yanked it down. Her breasts popped free, the old fabric groaning under the strain but holding. With a moan of his own Moregon pressed his face into her breasts, licking and sucking at the inner curves. His finger, rough with calluses and much larger than her own, pressed into her sex, stretching her, opening her.

Aketa moaned and bucked, clenching her fingers in his hair.

He reacted immediately, shifting to bite and suck her nipple. Aketa realized she’d done little to show him her appreciation. Vowing to pleasure him after this interlude concluded, Aketa touched the bits of him she could reach.

With one hand fisted in his hair, she slid the other under the collar of his shirt, running her hands along the ropes of muscle along his shoulders and back.

He shifted, his mouth releasing her nipple.

Aketa pulled his hair, forcing lips back to her nipple, arching her back to demand that he continue to pleasure her.

Moregon went absolutely still, and Aketa again feared she’d done something wrong.

Moregon’s mouth latched onto her nipple with a vigor that made a mockery of what had come before it. He took a mouthful of breast, sucking and biting, then drawing back to toy with just her nipple. He sucked it between his teeth and bit down on it, flicking the captured bud with his tongue.

Aketa’s eyes went wide and her head thrashed side to side, and pleasure so exquisite it was almost pain coursed through her. She forgot to keep her right side turned away; she forgot everything except him.

His finger pumped in and out of her sex, which had grown accustomed to its size. With no break in rhythm, Moregon added a second finger, pushing it into her wet sex with firm determination. Aketa’s hips bounced off the ground, her mouth opening and closing without sound.

His thumb rubbed her clit, the hard edges of his calluses bumping over her soft flesh, and that was all it took to lift Aketa to orgasm.

She screamed in pleasure, a high sound, raw with truth and devoid of artifice.

His lower body slipped between her hips and he braced himself on his forearms. The front of his pants pressed against her sex. Aketa lifted her legs, cradling his hips. She reached down between their bodies, fingers scrambling to free his cock.

“Wait,” he murmured against her neck.

“Why?” Aketa demanded, struggling to reach his waistband.

“We should not do this.”


“Aketa, stop.”

Her fingers still and slowed. Moregon propped himself up on his arms, looking down at her. It was so dark she couldn’t see his face, only the glint of some reflected light off his eyes. Her only comfort was that the same darkness hid her.

“Why must we stop?” she asked.

Moregon continued to gaze down at her. Silence stretched, almost as if he were waiting for something from her, but Aketa could not understand what it could be. It was she who’d asked a question that hung in the air, answerless.

Moregon pulled away. The removal of his body heat chilled her flesh even as fear over the reason for his retreat chilled her soul.

“Forgive me for taking advantage of you,” he said, back to her.

“You did not take advantage of me. I want what you did. And more,” Aketa stammered.

“I was feeling restless, so I took a walk, to feel the ground under my feet and smell growing things. But that is a lie. I realize now that I came here tonight hoping to find you.”

“You did?” Aketa’s heart fluttered, but his next words stopped it.

“What we did here tonight was wrong.”


“I am not to interact with any of you save at the pre-arranged tests.”

His mention of the other girls hurt her, and Aketa rubbed the heel of her hand over her bruised heart. He was still thinking about them.

“I do not regret this. I don’t understand your tests, but I fear I will not fare so well in them. What if I cannot win?”

“Do you wish to win? To be my wife?”

Aketa scrambled to her feet and ran to Moregon, grabbing his shoulders as though she would shake him. “How can you doubt that I want that?”

“I am not the prize you think.”

“You are more than someone like I could ever hope to have. You are handsome and strong and kind and‒”

“You do not yet know all.”

“What is this mystery that you speak of? Can you not tell me?”



  1. looks like this is going to be a good story. Fairy tales can be good but did you know the grimm fairy tales were originally meant for an adult audience and were not all that nice so am glad that they were eventually toned down since I like fairy tales. Happy writing.

  2. Okay, now I’m intrigued. Great stop point for the excerpt. Makes me want to beg for more. Congrats Lila on your upcoming release.

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