New Release: Hunting Passions

Hunting Passions, my first release from Amber Quill, is now available.

It is currently available as an ebook, but will be available mid-October in print, if you’re prefer print!

Long ago, the Lord of Eahrington gave sanctuary to two clans of shapeshifters: were-wolves and were-falcons. In payment for this protection, each clan sent one of their young to the Lord as tribute, a tradition that continued through the generations to this day. But William, the newest Lord of Eahrington, a modern man living a medieval life, distrusts shapeshifters, and as far as he’s concerned, his intended “Hunting Pair” are less than human. So when were-wolf Christoffer and were-falcon Mirela arrive at William’s home, he treats them like animals, locking them away. What William doesn’t expect, however, is his attraction to each of their human forms.

Yet William must learn to trust the falcon and wolf sides of Mirela and Christoffer before he can open his heart to their human halves. And with three hearts engaged, jealousies are soon at play, with one were-beast even willing to betray the other in a bid for William’s love. Destined to be together forever, the trio’s only hope at happiness is to learn to love one another. But can William overcome his prejudices and look upon Mirela and Christoffer as anything other than animals?

Keep reading for a delicious excerpt you won’t find anywhere else!

“You cannot run faster than I fly. You cannot weave through trees quick enough to protect your eyes from my claws. I am Kalo and you will respect me, you filthy, butt-licking dog.”

Her eyes sparkled, her chest rose and fell with each panting breath, and her face was tinged pink with anger. William again felt as though he were under her spell, drawn to her as a moth to the flame.

Christoffer turned back, his mocking façade slipping for a moment. His shoulders hunched forward, his knees bent, and his eyes narrowed. The laughter, the jokes, were gone and what remained was a predator. The girl’s fingers curled into claws and she met his stare.

Animals. They were animals.

It was time to assert himself. The girl’s beauty and Christoffer’s unconventional arrival had thrown him, but no more. He was William Fitzwilliam, Lord of Eahrington.

William grabbed Christoffer by the back of the neck and forced him down. Christoffer fell to his knees, his shoulders tense. He reached back to push William’s hands away, but William transferred his hold to Christoffer’s hair, forcing his head to bend and exposing his neck. Tension radiated off the boy, and William stepped closer, looming over him. He pushed away fear, knowing the wolf would be able to scent it.

You are mine. I am your Master, he chanted to himself, exuding dominant energy.

Christoffer relaxed, his body going limp and his head falling forward, further exposing his neck. William grinned in savage satisfaction. He turned his attention to the girl.

“You will not harm him,” William told her, his hand still fisted in Christoffer’s hair. “He is my property—as you are, and to harm him would be to disrespect me.”

The girl immediately nodded her understanding. She moved to William’s side and dropped to her knees, leaning into his leg.

William placed his free hand on her head. Her hair was wondrously soft.

William looked down at the creatures that knelt at his feet. Satisfaction like he’d never known swelled within him. He was powerful, strong. He was complete now.

The Hunting Pair had arrived.


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