His Wolf Heart

His Wolf Heart, an M/M romance, is now available!

…Micah crossed his arms. “I see you still haven’t grown up.”

“Asshole. You have no idea what life is, what living is.”

“I know that being a part of something—a pack, a family—and taking responsibility for that family, is the most important thing in life. You go ahead and run around Europe fucking artists and feeding your narcissism. If you think that makes you a rebel or some revolutionary, fine. Have a nice time.”

Micah turned his back on James, prepared to head to his house.

James jumped him, and even with Micah’s quick reflexes he wasn’t able to get away. The tackle threw Micah facedown into the dirt. Micah’s beast snarled to life, feeding superhuman strength to his muscles. With a snarl, he threw James off his back and jumped to his feet. James scrambled up, squaring off with him. They circled each other, the actions of wolves, in the bodies of men.

James, lacking Micah’s patience and tactical skill, leapt first. Micah caught him mid-leap, fisting his hands in James’s shirt as he sidestepped so that the man’s own motion carried him to the ground. Using his hold on James’s shirt, Micah followed him down, pinning him and throwing one leg across his thighs to hold him in place.

Micah let out a shout of triumph as James thrashed. The younger man bared his teeth.

“Let me up,” James demanded.


“Then you’d better be prepared.”

Micah bared his teeth. “Prepared for what?”

James broke Micah’s hold on his shoulders, sat up, grabbed Micah’s hair, and kissed him…



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