Lexxie Cooper!

Hello beautiful people!

This week at international heat we’re highlighting Lexxie Cooper–a writer of serious awesome.  She has a new book coming out: Space Port R&R. You can’t even imagine the dirty words I was coming up with for those Rs…

Below is the blurb and an excerpt. Check out the international heat blog for more information and for a chance to win some prizes!


Forced to take a leave of absence by her commander, Allied Planet Enforcer Anika Dru high-tails it straight away to Spaceport Adana. What better destination for some unwanted R and R than a veritable cesspit of scum-bucket crooks? Especially for a tech-enhanced super cop who likes nothing more than taking out the bad guys…

Five minutes on ‘Port Adana and she’s already spotted her first target — until a gorgeous half naked slave catches her eye. And makes her tech zing. Determined to discover what about the man makes her so… charged… she follows him to an empty sex den, ready to play super cop one-on-one.

But Kaden Irrado isn’t a slave, and his meeting with Anika isn’t by chance. Kaden is Phase, a multi-dimensional warrior capable of drawing all of his possible selves into the one temporal plane. He has to stop Anika from doing something that will destroy the space-time continuum and he’s planning to do it in the most pleasurable way possible. Even if it takes more than one of him.

Rest and relaxation has never been so good. Or exhausting.


“I know what you are, little girl.”

His deep voice rumbled in my ear like thunder and my pussy constricted. By Otyn, the situation I was in should have made me furious. Instead my sex fluttered again, my breath growing shallow. Nope. Nothing furious about the way my body was reacting to this. Not at all. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was on the verge of coming there and then.

“What am I?” I asked, squirming beneath his weight. Damn, this was turning me on.


The title slipped into my ear, his voice no longer like thunder. Smoke. It was like smoke somehow manifested sound. Husky and smooth at once. Gods, what as I on about? “True,” I panted. My clit was aching. The tops of my thighs were wet. If I were any more turned on, I’d be orgasming. I was damn close, I kid you not. “Are you going to do something about it?”

“No.” He released his brutal hold on my right wrist and slid his hand down my arm, around my shoulder until his fingers pushed between the wall and my breast. He cupped it, pinching my nipple between his knuckles. “I have other things in mind.”

“I can see that.” A part of me couldn’t believe I was having this conversation. The rest of me was enjoying the ride. “What exactly?”

His lips grazed the side of my neck as he squeezed my breast. “This.”

Okay, at this point the rational side of my brain was fighting like hell to take over. To at least demand who he was and how he knew I was a cop. There had to be a reason. And while we were at the asking questions stage of our relationship (snort), why did he make my tech zing?

The thing is, the rational side of my brain was losing to the rutting-dog side of my brain. If I wanted to, I could throw him off me and break his neck before he even realized what I was doing (super-cop, remember?). I didn’t want to. I wanted to see where this was going. By Otyn, did I want to see.

Besides, when it was over, I’d get my answers. And after that, I’d get my bust (slave owner), my takedown (Q-42) and for dessert, find the foul-mouthed Raavelian and educate him in manners. Day One of R and R all wrapped up.

Starting with gratuitous, nameless sex.

I pushed my ass backward, rolling my hips enough to stroke his erection between each leather-incased cheek. “Just out of interest,” I said, flattening my palms to the wall. “If you’re a slave, where’s your master?”

He chuckled, the sound altogether too seductive. “Coming.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “He is?”

The slave chuckled again. “No. You are. In about ten minutes.”

My pussy flooded with wet heat. Which was kinda handy, seeing as the second the statement left my mysterious slave’s lips he yanked me away from the wall and shoved his hand down the front of my pants.

His fingers parted my folds with alacrity, one long digit delving into the cream-slicked channel, the others massaging my pussy-lips. I pressed my palms harder against the cool wall and shoved my ass to his cock, pushing into its insistent length. He groaned, obviously enjoying my blatant approval of his actions, and closed his lips over my earlobe.

He bit the small, fleshy pad and I cried out, the unexpected pain shot through with singeing pleasure. I’d had a thing for rough sex for just about ever, but since my tech upgrade none of my partners of late seemed to be rough enough. Hell, most of my partners of late were female, and while I’d never say women don’t know how to slap you around, the ones I’d been sleeping with were far from aggressive. My slave however, was aggressive. And it made me wet.

Really wet.

Wet enough to fill the small room with slurping sounds as he plunged his finger in and out of my pussy.

“I knew your juices would run for me,” he murmured in my ear, wriggling deeper into my sex. “My mouth waters to taste you.”

I closed my eyes, rolling my hips so my clit rubbed against the knuckle of his delving finger. “You knew, huh?” The words were almost lost in my panting breath. By Otyn, I was turned on.

“Of course.” He slid his other hand from my wrist and unceremoniously grabbed my breast, squeezing it through the subtle leather of my flight vest. “It is the one constant of all dimensions.”

The unusual statement should have made my cop’s instincts kick in. Instead, the only instincts I was interested in at the moment were those belonging to my libido. Even my tech had turned into a low vibrating drone—white noise hidden amongst the aroused blood roaring in my ears. “So I’m famous?” I rasped, closing my left hand over his on my breast to make him maul me harder. “Good for me.”

He laughed as he dragged his lips down to the curve where my neck becomes my shoulder. “Oh, you are famous, AP Enforcer Anika Dru. For many reasons, not all of them good.”

At the sound of my name rolling from his tongue, my tech zinged with more force. A warning alarm. I hadn’t told him my name. I hadn’t even registered with ‘Port Adana security yet, so my name wasn’t in the system. If he knew my name, he knew more than he should.

I should have listened to my tech.

I didn’t. My body flushed with more pleasure than it should given our clothed state, I moaned and rolled my head backward, granting his masterful lips greater access to my throat.

“In every dimension you are the same,” he continued, moving his mouth over my shoulder in a string of tiny nips. “A creature of wild passion and wilder responses. I knew you would be the same in this one.”

He shoved another finger into my sodden pussy, scissoring it within and I moaned again, driving my ass harder to his cock. Fuck, I couldn’t wait to feel that massive organ stab into me.  Fill me. Stretch me to my limit.

Another finger joined the other two inside my folds and I cried out, writhing against him when he stroked the sweet spot inside my sex. The base of my spine tingled and my pulse quickened. I was going to come. A nameless slave was going to make me come with just his fingers. Nothing but his fingers after barely a few moments. I couldn’t believe it. Talk about R and R.

“This is why I fuck you now,” he growled, slamming harder into my cunt, the penetration of his fingers so forceful my feet left the floor. “Saving the dimensional threads is just an added bonus.”

My tech zinged again. Not just zinged, detonated. Like a warp engine’s core. What he was saying demanded my Enforcer’s attention. Now. Trouble was, my sex detonated at the exact same time and its power was far more potent on my decision-making abilities.

I climaxed. Just like that. The soles of my feet prickled with fire, my pussy muscles contracted in a rapturous tension and I climaxed, my cream gushing over his plundering fingers and driving hand, my scream bouncing off the walls of the small room.

“Yes,” he ground out, mouth on my neck, fingers in my cunt, on my breast. “Yes. Flood for me. Flood for us.”

I gasped. Not at the totally unexpected word bursting from his lips, but at equally unexpected pair of hands that suddenly grabbed at my ankles and yanked my feet off the floor.

I snapped my stare down my body, my heart hammering, my orgasm throbbing, and gazed into the piercing green eyes of my slave standing between my elevated legs. “Surprise.”

Stunned shock stole me breath. By Otyn! What the—?

Before I could open my mouth and shout, the newcomer flung my ankles upward.

My legs shot up in a graceful arc, the man holding me from behind—myoriginal slave—acting as a pivot to my body’s trajectory. He twisted, carrying my weight through the air, bringing me over his head with fluid ease. Lets face it; a/ I’m not that heavy and b/ I was so freaking stunned by what was going on I didn’t know what to do. Two men were in the room with me. Two identical men. One appearing out of nowhere.

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